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A Virtual Reorganization Of The Broward County Fair Continued………… We found a sponsor for the Internet access, SlingBand,

which will provide us with a 1,000-megabit WiMax service through a pole-mounted signal-receiving device, and we’ll avoid the usual phone bill, setup charges, minimum con- tracts, etc. ONLINE TICKETING – For the first time, the public will be

able to print out unlimited ride tickets purchased online, both before and during the Fair. There is a limited wait time for the consumer, the money is heading to our bank, and we’ll be able to track the whole process in “real time,” meaning that the system updates constantly with every new online purchase or printed ticket scanned at the Fair. SCANNING SOLUTIONS – After much discussion about

wireless scanners, we are getting three netbooks with a wired scanner plugged into each one to eliminate interfer- ence and enable the computer to update the data. Each setup will cost hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands. E-MAIL DATABASE – I know the power of e-mail messag-

ing, and if you look at our website, there is an e-mail signup link on every page. I expect to have 5,000 e-mail addresses by the beginning of the fair, and the number will continue to grow exponentially. We signed up for Constant Contact, which manages our e-mails from duplication, adds the legal opt-in features and provides us with a nice format for HTML e-mailing. All of this is a work in progress as we continue to look for

easier ways to do everything. Our new staff is mostly from a generation after me, and they are adept at using the Net and its systems. If I can offer any advice for the future of running YOUR Fair, it is: TRUST the younger generation to help you implement

systems, and make sure they’re running your Facebook account. EMBRACE what the world has to offer. Google, Apple,

Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft know how people are using information NOW. Embrace their methods and NEW ways of doing things, utilizing the talents of capable and underemployed individuals in your community. BUDGET for technology. Digital advertising and paying

someone to upload YouTube videos, Facebook and e-mail will bring you great marketing results. Modern computer systems are also crucial, and they don’t have to be expen- sive. There are many ways to spend money that may not get the desired result, so make sure you have someone on board who truly understands the available technology and applications. Hope you enjoyed the reading, and please call me for

any advice in changing your technology culture at your Fair.

For up to the minute Federation news………



We at the Santa Rosa

County Fair Association would like to Invite you all to join us for our 20th Anniversary Fair, April 5 – 10, 2011! We haven’t nailed down our entertainment lineup yet.

However, we can promise you a Fun, Fabulous, and Excit- ing time. We have our annual Barrel Race and Rodeo with local, professional and local professional riders. Kiddie Land is always in Full Swing for the 42 inchers and under crowd and Moms and Dads can have a GREAT time being kids again with our Big Kid Rides and all the Cotton Candy, Elephant Ears and Carnival Foods you can stand. We also have a Livestock Barn that just gets larger EVERY year! Whoever knew there were so many different kinds of Farm Fowl and Pretentious Porkers? Our “Claim to Fame” is our Annual Special Needs Rodeo,

aka, Exceptional Riders Roundup. We invite the local ARC affiliates and their clients, as well as the Society for Autism and their clients to join us for a night of Rodeo Excitement. Opening night at our Fair, we host ALL special needs indi- viduals and 1 guest each, to enjoy the Fair and ride the rides for the first 2 hours on us. We then provide them with the means to have a Rodeo designed especially for them. We have Stick Pony Barrel races, lessons on roping a calf (artificial Calves of course) and Wagon Rides pulled by a beautifully matched pair of horses. We give them goody bags to take home with them and for each person “competing” in the Rodeo, we put their names in the hat for a turn at Rodeo King & Queen, with the “Crowning” finishing off their night. For those of you who have never had a chance to work

with Special Needs Individuals, you don’t know what you are missing. When you are finished for the night, you can lay your head on your pillow and go to sleep with a smile. YOU have just helped to make a Special Memory!

Resolutions Committee Reminder for all Members

The Resolutions Committee is requesting to be notified of all Fair Family deaths through out the year rather than immediately prior to the annual convention. The hope is not to omit anyone that has contributed to our industry. They will be recognized at the convention.

Please send notification to Toby Turner using one of the following methods: 772-562-2974

Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair 1818 Commerce Avenue Vero Beach, FL 32960

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