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1. anDrOMeDa: The ‘original’ fully packaged complete climate control unit Providing heat pump dehumidification, active heat recovery to pool room air and pool water, air heating, pool water heating and fresh air dilution, the Andromeda offers the ideal solution for residential swimming pools.

2. aquarius: heat pumps for commercial pools A self contained pool water heating system, utilising free renewable energy from fresh air - easy to install and simple to operate and service. Features include a 20 year heat exchanger and

chassis guarantee and the highest possible efficiency, super low noise fan, digital controller. ‘Plus’ models feature integral electric heater for

early / late season pool water temperature boost. The Aquarius is available in two de-frost versions:

a Summer de-frost (SDF) and Winter de-frost (WDF) plus a PPC (Plunge Pool Water Chiller) model.

3. geMini: a flagship product for a time of unprecedented energy awareness Despite considerable focus upon renewable heat pump technology, the Gemini remains the only air source heat pump system on the market which is designed solely for use on indoor pools. The advantage of the Gemini is it’s ability to

transfer heat directly from the hot refrigerant into the pool room air and the pool water. This simplified arrangement enables better heat pump efficiency because the temperature of the pool water etc is much lower than the temperature of an alternative hot water heating circuit / buffer tanks etc. The unit also collects heat from any pool room

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exhaust air and uses it to help with de-icing during the winter, providing real world advantages. Furthermore, installation services are identical to a normal indoor pool climate control unit.

4. OriOn: The ‘small’ packaged dehumidifier / heating solution Ideal for small residential swimming pool applications, the Orion achieves everything that a pool project would require in terms of efficient climate control, including ventilation, air heating and pool water heating and dehumidification. The Orion is available as a completely pre-

assembled package, incorporating all components. The unit is simple to install and is concealed out of sight within a dedicated equipment room. A special flexi-duct system is used to make it easy to draw air from and to the pool room.

5. Pegasus: The ‘designer’ swimming pool dehumidifier The Pegasus range consists of premium quality pool dehumidifiers with air heating options on the ‘super’ models (boiler fed or electric). Features include aluminium penta post frame

chassis, control panel and low noise EC motor fans and stunning ‘Art Deco’ styling using coloured PVC coated steel and Perspex. The Pegasus range is available in different

formats: a wall mounted version, a ‘through wall’ version, mounted in an adjoining room and a floor standing version. All versions are priced the same.

6. PhOenix: Two methods of heat recovery – one proven solution The Phoenix unit offers the ideal solution to any pool

where a surface cover is not intended to be used, providing dehumidification, active heat recovery to pool room air and pool water, air heating, pool water heating and fresh air ventilation. The Phoenix combines a dehumidification heat

pump with a plate air-to-air heat recuperator to ensure that there is always heat recovery applied to any exhausted air. An exhaust air fan controller is used to accurately govern the quantity of fresh air introduced.

7. sOlar Bear: aerothermal heat pumps for domestic swimming pools Easy to install and simple to operate, the Solar Bear range of heat pumps are available to order in a wide variety of different colour options. They feature a 5 year titanium heat exchanger

and aluminium chassis guarantee and orbital scroll compressors and electronic control stats. The Solar Bear is available in two de-frost versions:

a Summer de-frost (SDF) and Winter de-frost (WDF). Soft ‘electrical’ start is available as an option.

8. Taurus: real energy efficiency for municipal pools and water leisure parks The Taurus offers refrigeration dehumidification rates between 16.2 and 138.4 kg/hr and air flows from 1.1 to 15.6 M³/sec. The Taurus is available in 6 different sizes and

3 different versions: The Taurus HP – a heat pump dehumidification type system, the Taurus HPXF – a heat pump dehumidification and X Flow air to air plate recuperator and the Taurus XF – with just X flow air to air plate recuperator. The Taurus units feature all of Heatstar’s industry leading technology.

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