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Heatstar 30thAnniversary

Heatstar Profile

Heatstar, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, is a British specialist manufacturer of heat pump, heat recovery and humidity control systems which are designed exclusively for application on swimming pools. A flag-bearer for energy-efficiency for over

three decades, Heatstar continue to play a huge part in making swimming pools both energy and C0² role models. At the heart of the Heatstar operation, which

continues to be family owned, is the factory facility, located on the Isle of Wight, which, understandably, has evolved and grown significantly over the years. Heatstar have pioneered the innovation, design

and development of modern, highly energy efficient, climate control systems and continue to be the renowned market leader in the field.

HEATSTAr – gEnuInEly mAdE In THE uK

FOREWORD BY JACKIE SCOTT Heatstar Director and founder’s daughter


Uniquely, all Heatstar products are still manufactured only in the UK. Heatstar do not manufacture any aspect of the

products in the Far East or Eastern Europe. With Heatstar, you know what you are getting

and where it is originating from. If it’s Heatstar, it’s British.

or all of us at Heatstar, 30 years marks an important milestone in the development of our company which was started by my father Tony Andrews.

Quite a lot of our customers are directly

involved in their own businesses and will fully relate to the many trials and tribulations and the dedication and personal sacrifice necessary in establishing and evolving a company within this industry. Some of our customers are companies which

have grown and developed with us over the years and we have never taken lightly the loyalty our customers have shown us throughout the years. Although our Company has developed and

grown significantly, my father’s principles of design, engineering and innovation continue to

be applied today and we would hope that he would be proud of what has been achieved. As Paul Scott, my husband and I personally get

older, we have learnt to appreciate that the continued long-term success of Heatstar into the future will depend not upon us, but upon the people currently working alongside us. A company is only as good as the people who

work within it. During the SPATEX swimming pool exhibition this year, I was genuinely overwhelmed at the number of times that customers visited our stand primarily to express their appreciation for the help and support that they had received from our staff over the previous year. On subsequently returning to the office, I took

real pleasure in calling a meeting with our staff to communicate the feedback received and to acknowledge their effort and achievement. The right people make all the difference.


Key members of the team at SPATEX

The Heatstar factory on the Isle of Wight

Heatstar units under construction

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