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Heatstar 30thAnniversary CASE STUDYBEspOkE HEATsTAR


The installation of a custom made Heatstar heat pump system has transformed the previously high energy bills for a 25 metre local authority swimming pool on the Isle of Wight. The pool enclosure design is very unusual, in that it is, in essence, an

enormous glass conservatory. Furthermore, the roof of the building motorises open to permit ‘open-air’

swimming during favourable weather. Because of the unusual and unique characteristics of the application,

Heatstar worked alongside the Isle of Wight Council’s energy manager, to design a special heat pump with particular features to maximise energy recovery potential. During the winter months, a dehumidifying heat pump is utilised to

remove excess moisture from the swimming pool enclosure air, thereby avoiding costly and wasteful humid air extraction to atmosphere. The latent energy contained within the pool enclosure air is upgraded

using the heat pump principle and then returned back to the pool enclosure as dry heat. If the pool enclosure air is already at set point temperature, then this energy is instead condensed into the pool water to help offset pool water heating costs. During periods when there is solar heat gain within the enclosure, the heat

pump is activated to utilise any excess heat within the air for the purpose of pool water heating. During periods when the enclosure roof is open, the system adapts to

become a fresh air to pool water heat pump. During the night period, when a surface cover is applied on the pool,

the whole system is set back to operate in stasis, with inverter driven EC fans regulating air movement through the heat pump and pool enclosure as necessary. The capital installation costs of the new Heatstar heat pump is being self

funded by the operating cost saving benefits. After six months of perfect operation, during which time actual energy

savings were actually better than predicted, the client has heaped praise upon the application and has declared that the installation of the Heatstar heat pump was the best thing they have ever undertaken.

ABOVE: The Heatstar heat pump fully installed at the Ryde pool BELOW LEFT: The Waterside pool at Ryde, Isle of Wight BELOW: The 25 metre pool with motorised roof

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