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30thAnniversary Heatstar ON-SITE SUPPORT – ExcLUSIvELY bY HEATSTAR

The quality of the after sales service is just as important as the quality of the product. Heatstar believe that after sales support is so vital

that it is something that can never be left to chance or, for that matter, in the hands of any third party. Therefore, Heatstar employ their own full team of

dedicated engineers, completely knowledgeable about the products and equipped with vans stocked with all necessary equipment and components. To have complete control over the scheduling

of every single after sales site appointment is a priceless commodity which Heatstar’s customers have come to appreciate. When a Heatstar engineer visits a site, they are

always aware that they are representing the trade installer. Heatstar’s centralised service management also

permits a number of other services to be offered. Extended warranties are available on all

Heatstar products and these warranties can be extended indefinitely. Planned maintenance agreements are available

on all Heatstar products and the price of these agreements are the same throughout the UK. All Heatstar packaged units benefit from a free

‘commissioning’ visit by a Heatstar engineer, following installation.

Why are Heatstar different?

Heatstar are often asked why they have been successful over the years and yet many other companies have failed in trying to offer this type of product. As with any business there is, of course, no

single aspect, but Heatstar consider the following as key elements: • a team of excellent staff who genuinely understand the high level of service customers need and expect, whose effort and commitment is apparent to customers.

• genuine industry leading product technology offering obvious ‘Real World’ benefits in a fast changing energy market.

• complete customer confidence in Heatstar and the products.

• genuine expert application advice and selection – direct from Heatstar.

• guaranteed manufacture lead times. • high product quality which is clear and obvious to appreciate.

• unrivalled product reliability. • On site after sales service & support by Heatstar’s own staff.

Mobile dedicated engineers provide outstanding after sales service



AstralPool congratulate Heatstar on successfully reaching its 30th anniversary in business Robin Norriss, Managing Director of AstralPool

UK said: “It is a testimony to the skills in the company and the innovation and quality of its products that Heatstar have survived the highs and lows of the last 30 years to emerge as the success they undoubtably are today.” Robin Norriss went on to say that AstralPool

were delighted to have shared ten of those thirty years working with Heatstar on the sales and distribution of Heatstar products. Ten years is a significant milestone for a

trading relationship like AstralPool and Heatstar. In order to stand the test of time it must, first of all, be a mutually beneficial relationship. Identifying some of the other reasons why a

relationship like this works, Robin Norriss said that it helps if the two companies share similar values

and have similar goals - particularly in the areas of customer service and building partnerships with customers. Both companies also have a belief that

ultimately quality products will win the day and are committed to the pursuit of excellence. Finally both companies are not in it for quick short term gain but see themselves as long term players. In the final analysis the perceived wisdom is

that AstralPool help Heatstar with logistics, sales and distribution allowing Heatstar to concentrate on its core strengths – product development and innovation, quality manufacturing and after-sales service.

Robin Norriss,

Managing DIrector of Astralpool UK

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