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30thAnniversary HeAtstAr OF INNOVATION

1994: Heatstar Taurus introduced. The high capacity Taurus type units were

introduced as a natural progression for the demand for increased capacity products for larger municipal pools and leisure centres. 1995: Heatstar Phoenix introduced. Launched in 1995, the Heatstar Phoenix was a

clever concept which offered increased fresh air ventilation using two separate methods of heat recovery. Initially a dehumidification heat pump and, secondly, a plate air-to-air heat recuperator. 2000: Astral appointed as exclusive UK pool trade distributor for Heatstar products. 2001: Completion of extension to Heatstar factory - facility increased by half again in size. 2002: Heatstar Pegasus designer dehumidifier launched at SPATEX. 2003: Heatstar launch special range of environmental control units specifically designed for use in conjunction with high efficiency condensing fuel boilers, operated at lower primary temperatures than conventional boilers.

2004: Heatstar launch first UK manufactured swimming pool heat pump equipped with a titanium heat exchanger 2005: Heatstar launch first swimming pool heat pump equipped with a heat booster to ensure effective early season pool water heating. 2006: Heatstar launch special range of environmental control units specifically designed for use in conjunction with ground source and air source heat pump boilers, operated at much lower primary temperatures than conventional boilers. 2007: Heatstar launch Auto-fan concept, a system which can save significant electrical energy by only operating fans on full power when there is an actual demand. This year also marked the availability of

titanium pool water heat exchangers for use on applications where salt pool water sterilisation systems were to be used.

Application advice –

from the experts All quotations, selections and proposals for Heatstar systems are provided directly by knowledgeable Heatstar staff at the Heatstar factory. This is to ensure that there is no compromise

in the quality of the information and support provided at this crucial stage in any project. The comprehensive information provided to

customers includes projections of consumptions of energy, fuel and even carbon emissions. Heatstar’s unique application software fully

supports the latest renewable energy initiatives and they are pleased to accommodate unusual heating water flow temperatures or system efficiencies relating to specific or unusual applications. Heatstar are also pleased to advise on

aspects such as air distribution ducting and also all elements of the pool hall building structure to ensure a completely successful application.

Tailor-made flexibility Heatstar’s entire manufacturing facility and

2008: Heatstar Gemini introduced. Launched as a response to ever increasing energy costs,

the Gemini represented the most revolutionary system the industry had witnessed in over 15 years. The Gemini embraced all the latest developments in heat pump, fan and compressor technology to offer remarkably low operating costs and energy consumptions.

system has been designed from the outset to enable great flexibility in the orientation and configuration of each product. Units can be manufactured with many

different types of orientation (to match existing ducting, plant room layout etc) and to cater for particular requirements. Not only do the units have different design

orientations, but also the physical structure of the machine can be altered to a horizontal construction or built in sections if plant room space or access is limited. If there is no available plant room, then

the unit can be weatherproofed; using a protective insulated casing, ensuring the machine is able to cope with different climatic conditions.

The future A future of opportunities & challenges

2009: EC ‘low energy’ fan technology introduced. With another industry first, Heatstar incorporated

the latest ‘EC’ ‘low energy’ fan technology. These fans combine brushless motors

‘Electronically Communicated’ with a frequency inverter. When coupled to a backward curved impellor, astonishingly low power consumptions can be achieved with 100% speed controllability.

2010: Orbital Scroll ‘high efficiency’ compressors introduced. In the pursuit of ever improved efficiency, the

manufacturers of refrigeration compressor motors have progressively developed their products. The orbital scroll compressor now available in Heatstar systems represents the pinnacle of compressor energy efficiency.

These are exciting and challenging times for any business involved in energy efficiency. Within the UK, we now have a very fast evolving energy market, driven by environmental and energy security concerns. Expect a wide range of future government

incentives and schemes aimed at accelerating the uptake of renewable and sustainable energy solutions. It is a certainty that Heatstar’s heritage of

industry leading innovation will serve the needs of the customers of the future, just as they have over the past 30 years.


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