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Erickson Air-Crane Joins an Elite List of Companies with
Outstanding Safety and Health Programs Nationwide
The global aerospace company meets best practices for industrial health and safety
to become one of only 1,432 companies in the U.S. awarded SHARP status.
The Oregon Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA) has recog-
nized Erickson as a SHARP employer.
The Safety and Health Achievement
Recognition Program (SHARP), recog-
nized nationwide, acknowledges excep-
tional companies whose safety and health
management programs are determined to
be comprehensive and effective to the ex-
tent that they are granted a limited exemp-
tion from programmed inspections.
Mark Hurliman, VPP/SHARP Program
Manager for Oregon OSHA, spoke about
the importance of the SHARP program:
Mark Hurliman (left), Oregon OSHA VPP/SHARP Program Manager, presents the SHARP Program First
“For 15 years, the SHARP Program has
Year certificate to the Aircraft Services Department
recognized companies in which employees
and Management work together to make Editors Note:
safety a major part of how they do busi- Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated, an AS-9100 company, is the manufacturer and
ness. Erickson Air-Crane has demonstrated operator of the S-64 Aircrane helicopter with a fleet of seventeen S-64 Aircrane
outstanding commitment to the program helicopters worldwide that have operated within sixteen countries since 1971. With a
and it is an honor to give this award today.” lift capacity of up to 25,000 pounds (11,340 kg), the Aircrane is unsurpassed in
Jeff Pfeifer, Senior Safety and Risk Man- performance of Firefighting, Civil Protection, Hydromulch Application, Timber
ager at Erickson Air-Crane, revealed the Harvesting, and Power Line Construction. Erickson Air-Crane is a Federal Aviation
unique nature of Erickson’s achievement: Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified Repair
“The SHARP process typically involves a and Overhaul Depot with a comprehensive manufacturing, maintenance, and repair
major commitment of resources and time. capability. Erickson’s worldwide fleet of S-64 Aircranes is supported and maintained
Nationwide, only a few companies begin from the manufacturing facility located in Central Point, Oregon and the corporate
the process, and even fewer achieve headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
SHARP designation. Erickson’s achieve-
ment is more impressive because we at-
tained SHARP status on the first attempt.”
Udo Rieder, President and CEO, com-
mented on the dedication to safety that al-
lowed the company to achieve SHARP
status: “Erickson Air-Crane was success-
ful in achieving SHARP status because of
a team effort that started with the absolute
commitment of top management. Work-
ing together with SAIF and OSHA con-
sultants, we made sure that action items
were justly corrected rather than masked.
The result has been a true culture of
change where safety remains a core value
at all levels of the organization.”
In addition to its SHARP designation,
American Society of Safety Engineers and
Oregon OSHA awarded Erickson Air-Crane
a STAR award at the 2009 conference, ac-
knowledging its significantly improved ac-
cident rate over the past three years.

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