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without my observation of the bigger pic-
ture, i.e., the Mayo Clinic. Everyone has
heard about Mayo but not everyone gets
see firsthand, what makes it unique. There
is no doubt that the clinic and its culture
flows down to Mayo One.
As I entered the clinic the first thing
that I saw was what can only be described
as a beautiful lobby; like you would see
at a 5 star hotel. Artwork was everywhere.
Further, as we were entering from above
there was a grand piano pouring out beau-
tiful operatic music and accompanied by a
wonderful singer. I asked Paul what gives;
his response was to take me on a tour of
the clinic and explain the culture.
Paul, as a former ER nurse, former
flight nurse and now director of flight op-
erations had a unique perspective which
he shared with me.
Paul Drucker, RN Director of Air Operations Mayo One and Mayo MedAir
It would appear that Dr. Mayo was
quite a fellow and came up with some
tion. Additional training in aviation topics Mayo operating area and can be assembled pretty innovative ideas especially if you
include emergencies as discussed earlier as over night to several hundred feet with no consider that this all occurred in the latter
well as FM radio operation and finally an notice to airman required! The Met Towers half of the 1800s. His initial philosophy
understanding of sectionals and the associ- are used for research as to where to put in a was to treat a patient on three fronts. First
ated symbology on those sectionals includ- windmill farm. The issue has become so you treat the symptom. Second you treat
ing radio frequencies. real that there is now research being done the humanity or spirit and third, you use
Other Mayo avionics additions include; on how to increase their visibility to pilots. the best technology available.
XM Satellite weather so airborne, Nexrad Knowing the aforementioned it now makes These tenants are still in place today.
weather, Metars and TFRs are now avail- perfect sense why minimums are required The hospital is second to none with re-
able in the cockpit. Further, on-board for continued VFR operation that are gard to technology and at the same time is
weather radar is available as well. The higher than those normally used by heli- quite beautiful with artwork, large airy
Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity copter pilots, in other words 800/2 instead spaces and windows galore. The staff is
system is also installed. All of this infor- of clear of clouds! trained and trained again, a tenant that pi-
mation can be displayed on the GXC 200 The Mayo/Omniflight relationship is a lots fully understand. The feeling
and could include; other aircraft, weather, win-win situation. The pilots that I talked throughout is one of optimism and hope.
terrain, obstacles and moving map. Situa- to reflected the professionalism one would I have been too many hospitals over the
tional awareness is a given with all of this like to see in all of aviation. They are ded- last few years to care for aging parents,
equipment but one last thing that hit home icated, current and proactive as it relates visit a friend, etc. In this hospital I saw a
for me was an alert system that monitored to aviation safety. All were happy to be a difference in the many patients that were
the track of the aircraft, the altitude of the part of Mayo. This is mirrored and in about. The only way I can relate this dif-
aircraft, climbs and descents and reports some cases maybe even more true for all ference is to explain that when visiting
conflicts with other aircraft, towers, and Mayo personnel that I came in contact my mother just before her death in a hos-
terrain. When the threat becomes real with. This story would not be complete pital that I will not name, I witnessed
measured typically in time to the threat, what is typical in most hospitals for pa-
the screen (MX200) automatically tients in despair; people in wheel chairs
changes to the appropriate screen for that sitting around and absently looking out
particular threat. If for example an air- of the window or their heads hanging
plane conflict is sensed the screen auto- down as if asleep in other words no hope.
matically displays the traffic advisory None of this was evident at Mayo. In-
screen and relevant information. stead what I witnessed, were people sit-
With that in mind it was interesting to ting in wheel chairs, but……heads held
find out from Jason that in the Mayo oper- high, a gleam in their eye and hopeful-
ating area you have to be real careful about ness in abundance. They were being
obstructions regardless of all these im- treated for their symptoms, their human-
proved systems. It seems that windmills ity and with the best care available. Some
and Met Towers are the new hazard in the might call that religion.

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