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training also includes operational proce- technology advancements and Mayo’s 10 years of ER/ICU experience while the
dures such as hot refueling. The daily EC-145 has to be one of the most leading paramedic has received additional exten-
briefing process is standardized and re- edge medical cabins in existence. While sive training in critical care beyond 5
peated at each of the Mayo One bases in state of the art equipment makes for state years of ground ambulance experience.
Rochester and Mankato, MN and Eau of the art capability, the people who oper- This mix results in a complementary team
Claire, WI. I asked and it was confirmed ate it have to have special qualifications with the nurse proficient in hospital med-
that these briefings are documented daily as well. The Mayo Med crew typically ical care and the paramedic having the
and are part of Mayo’s Quality Program. I consists of one flight nurse and one flight edge on scene response and ‘street sense’.
must point out however; it is not in any paramedic. The flight nurse typically has On-board equip- Continued on page 26
way an FAA requirement. Quality Pro-
gram standardization in general carries
throughout at the medical side of the
house at each of Mayo Clinic’s facilities
be it Minnesota, Florida or Arizona, but
more on that later. With regard to the
SMS it is interesting to point out that the
aviation side of the house influenced
Mayo Clinic. A best practices dynamic
has evolved between the air medical pro-
gram and other operation at Mayo. Cur-
rently work is under way to take the
tenants of Safety Management and popu-
late them throughout the hospital, in other
words a medical SMS. One of the key re-
sources to accomplish this task comes
from the downloadable SMS guidelines
located on the Helicopter Association In-
ternational website!
Med Cabin
I wanted to get an understanding about
technology advances as they applied to
both the pilot station and the medical
cabin. To do that for the med cabin I drew
upon the knowledge base of both Paul
Drucker and Flight Nurse Stacey Hanna,
who both have considerable flight crew
experience on the BK117 C1 and B2 as
well as EC145 (BK117C2) aircraft. The
Mayo Med cabin on the EC145 was de-
signed and installed by Air Methods Prod-
ucts Division, but was specified by a
Mayo Clinic working group consisting of
management and flight crew personnel.
The result was a uniquely designed med-
ical interior that matched the type of mis-
sion typical for Mayo One and enhanced
by the experience of an air medical pro-
gram that dated back to 1984.It was de-
signed to take into account technology
advancement as well as the evolving roll
of Medical Air Transportation over the
Starting as a hospital to hospital trans-
port; the Mayo Medical Air Transporta-
tion system has evolved to what can only
be described as an airborne ICU/ER.
Much of this capability has to do with
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