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25 Years of Excellence
By Mike Coligny
All activity originates at the com center
when a “request” comes in. The request
can be in the form of a 911 scene call, a
request to transfer a patient from one fa-
cility to another, or even a request to go
aloft and practice GPS approaches. The
Emergency Communication Center as-
sures that the right assets, the right tech-
nology, and the right personnel are at the
right place at the right time.
Emergency Communication Center
To get to the Communication Center
from Mayo One’s offices on the top of the
Mary Brigh building at Saint Marys Hos-
pital we boarded an elevator that took us
to a subterranean set of tunnels (known as
The weather could not have been nicer. With a high temperature
the subway) that links Mayo facilities as
in the mid 70’s and a slight breeze Rochester, Minnesota, the Home well as local hotels and restaurants. I
of Mayo One and Mayo Clinic seemed like a little piece of par- imagine in February this comes in handy,
adise to this Arizona resident. Saint Marys Hospital, a hospital
we are after all, just South of Minneapo-
campus of Mayo Clinic, is the home of Mayo One. It includes the
lis! On our way to the Com Center we
hangar, offices and heliport for Mayo One. It is the first place that
passed through the Mayo Clinic Preferred
Paul Drucker, Director of Air Operations took me. Located within
Response Center. This center is a health
this facility are offices for the med crew, pilots, and flight nurse.
and medical support concierge in - flight
emergency and training program for pri-
Maintenance offices and work area is located in the hangar. The
vate jet owners and corporate customers
story of Mayo One goes way beyond the new EC-145 (BK-117C2)
such as NetJets. The training curriculum
and it includes a unique organization and culture. First up is the
includes training on emergency medical
Mayo Clinic Emergency Communication Center. The Emergency
procedures and airborne medical equip-
Communication Center team is the “glue” that holds everything to- ment. It is conducted for both for pilots
gether. It supports the three parts of Mayo Clinic Medical Trans- and flight attendants.
port including ground transportation (ambulance), fixed wing air
A bit of a walk and we arrived at the
ambulance and lastly helicopter operations. I focused on the heli-
Com Center where we met with Mr.
copter portion of the com center. Essentially all functions and ca-
Steven McCool. The Center is located
pabilities of the helicopter Center are replicated throughout the
within a sound proof complex below
others. Further, they are integrated so that important information
street level. Lighting is soft but flat screen
displays and controls are everywhere.
is instantly shared between them. This results in the most efficient
Essentially the com center integrates
use of resources and the best care for the patient.
three communication technologies under
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