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Sikorsky Innovations
A Focus On The Future
By Ron Whitney, Managing Editor
From the company known well for in- ership, Sikorsky introduced the first prac-
novation in engineering and aerospace tical helicopter, the first four-engine air-
comes a new and exciting business ven- plane, the first enclosed cockpit aircraft,
ture; Sikorsky Innovations. Formally an- and many other innovations. Pioneering
nounced during an industry presentation the future, accomplishing firsts, and es-
held at the Connecticut Science Center in tablishing records are all in our DNA, “
Hartford, Connecticut, Sikorsky Innova- stated Mr. Van Buiten. “Sikorsky Inno-
tions is a new organization within Siko- vations is poised to continue and acceler-
rsky developed to bring together the best ate this legacy of innovation by
and brightest minds in an effort to “rede- engineering new process technologies that
fine the future of vertical flight.” will result in new rapid-prototyping tools,
During his opening remarks, Sikorsky advanced manufacturing automation, vir-
Vice President of Research and Engineer- tual reality simulation, high performance
ing, Mark Miller proudly outlined the computing, and many other development
goals of this new and exciting business game changers.”
unit. “Sikorsky Innovations will be small Among the projects Sikorsky Innova-
and agile, bringing together the best tal- tions is spearheading are;
ent available, and will provide the spark • High-speed X2 Technology

that attracts and inspires the next genera- Applications
tion.”Miller stated. “Sikorsky Innovations • X2 Technology

Light Tactical
will identify our customers’ toughest, high Helicopter Professor Mark Costello, the Sikorsky
value challenges and create solutions in • DARPA Sandblaster Brown Out Associate Professor in the School of
flight.” he added. “We are currently Solution Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech
working on challenges in the areas of high • AATD Blade Durability and Active provided a short glimpse of the Rotorcraft
speed flight, optionally piloted aircraft, Rotor Center of Excellence and its research into
systems which will enable safe operations • DARPA Mission Adaptive Rotor Autonomy and Optionally Piloted Air-
in blinding and brownout conditions, and • DARPA HALTT-A Hostile Fire craft. The Autonomy and Optionally Pi-
many others that only a few years ago Detection loted Aircraft Program has been in
might have been considered technologi- • Autonomous and Optionally Piloted development for quite some time. De-
cally and economically impossible.” “We Rotorcraft signed to be integrated into existing rotor-
will continue to pioneer solutions that • Next Generation Reduced Carbon craft, this program will reduce, modify, or
bring people home everywhere, every Propulsion even possibly eliminate the risk exposure
time,” Miller continued. • Survivability Improvements of combat helicopter pilots.
Selected to lead this effort is Mr. Chris • Factory of the Future One very exciting component of the
Van Buiten, Director of Sikorsky Innova- Sikorsky Innovations project is its focus
tions. Mr. Van Buiten joined Sikorsky in Sergei Sikorsky, eldest son of company on education and encouraging our young
1989 and has been involved in the engi- founder Dr. Igor Sikorsky, introduced a students to excel in math and the sciences.
neering efforts of many of the companies short video which highlighted the achieve- This effort will bring the Innovations
programs, most notably the S-92, UH- ments made by his father and the com- Team to classrooms across the country
60Q Medevac helicopter, CH-53K heavy pany. Sikorsky has enjoyed over 85 years with the message that engineering and sci-
lift helicopter, and the UH-60M Black- of pioneering engineering achievement in ence are cool and exciting.
hawk. Mr. Van Buiten holds a Bachelors aviation, creating a “Legacy of Innova- Sikorsky has long been known as a
of Science degree in Aeronautical Engi- tion” in a generation ahead of its time. company which prided itself on its innov-
neering from the University of Maryland, “That same focus is alive and well at ative approach to problem solving and the
and a Masters of Science in Systems De- Sikorsky Innovations,” Sergei stated. development and advancement of rotor-
signs from the Massachusetts Institute of “We are bringing together a network of craft flight. Sikorsky Innovations is just
Technology. smart energetic people to create a new another component of the “Legacy of In-
“Under founder Igor Sikorsky’s lead- level of innovation.” novation.”

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