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Your letters
Question of timing for
Champagne, chocolates and
commitment to training
I was delighted to receive champagne and
chocolates as an award for being one of your
Goldtrail’s schedule
top 10 trainees (TTG December 18).
Could you please pass on my thanks to
Attraction World whose name was given as the
donor of my prize, it was much appreciated and
QUESTION: when's a flight time not
Skiathos flight the next day at 08:30. having just become a grandmother for the first
a flight time? Answer: when it’s a
TER Hang on, every flight they have to time, will come in handy!
Goldtrail flight time of course! Greece from every airport is leaving TTG is to be applauded for its excellent
Let me explain. The summer
at 08:30. commitment to training, as it is so important
bookings are starting to fly in now Now, I don’t profess to know much for all staff within our industry to be knowl-
and emails from tour operators about air traffic control at Gatwick but edgeable on the products they are selling,
bombard our inbox with all their unique if they have five flights leaving the same and to continually update and increase this
selling points and why we should sell their terminal at the same time, there’s going to knowledge.
holidays, and this where Goldtrail is missing be problems, right? I find these courses extremely useful and one
a trick I fear. Do these flight times actually exist? Or is never too old to learn. There are always new
If only everyone knew how great their flight will we get an email saying flight times are places to experience which I never imagined
times to Greece were this year they would be changed later in the year to something not I would ever get the chance to see, such as
rolling in bookings. so good? Argentina/Falklands and Chile in February
I mean look, Manchester to Crete flight 2009. So keep up the good work and introduce
leaves at 08:30 in the morning – a glorious Richard Lightfoot. new courses whenever possible.
flight time to Greece I think you will all agree. Thanks once again for my reward for doing
But hang on, they have a flight to Kos going something I thoroughly enjoy.
the day after at the same time. Oh, and a ■ TTG asked Goldtrail for a response
Deirdre Lomer-Hedges
Burgess World Travel,
Which? Holiday results reveal the results are not reflective of their own find- Swansea
strength of smaller firms ings (well they would say that wouldn’t they!).
As a senior manager at VFB Holidays, I am Attention to detail, helpful staff in the UK
naturally delighted with the results of the and abroad, competitive pricing and a diverse WHAT DO YOU THINK The deadline for letters
Which? Holiday survey (TTG January 8). yet manageable product range are key to our is 10am on Tuesday. We need your name, job
It is clear proof customers appreciate the success and set us apart from the competition. title and company address. Please limit letters
personal touches that a smaller company can to 250 words maximum. We reserve the right
offer and is something bigger companies can- Jon Baud to edit. Email:
not compete with and, instead, choose to argue product manager, VFB
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