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Quran states by saying, “Does man deed can possibly come out of them opinions, but after they found out that
think that he is to be left aimlessly”? beacuse they are totally obedient to Adam was more superior to them with
(Sura Al-Qiyamah). From these Allah and should be more capable his special kind of knowledge and is
verses of the Quran, we can clearly of handling the affairs of the world. more capable to stay in the world and
understand from it that there is a A question may arise here as to why function properly, they acknowledged
purpose behind life and creation. Allah chose to seak of his decision to the fact by letting go of the earlier
the angels. One answer is the angels opinion by saying: “To you belongs all
Purpose of life thought that Allah would not create a purity! we have no knowledge except
The question arises now what is the being who would be superior to them what you have given us. You are the
purpose of life? And does the Quran and greater than them in knowledge. all-knowing and all-wise”. From this
clearly refer to the purpose of creation. But Allah knew that he would create a we can understand that the creator
Answer is “Yes” Allah mentions by being who will be superior to all other knows best the different status and
saying “And that I did not create Jinn creatures. So in order to remove that rank between his creation, and that
and Mankind but only for my worship” thinking of the angels Allah mentioned the creation can not judge their own
From this verse of the Quran, Allah this in the assembely of the angels. rank and status. Another thing, when
clerly mentiones the sole purpose So that time the angels humbly said Allah asked the Angels for the name of
of creation and that is nothing but how can you create such being who things, Allah said (Ambeuwney) “Tell
to worship Allah all throughout our will shed blood and spread corruption me” but in commanding Hazrat Adam
temporary life. So Allah decided to on earth. They did not mean to raise Allah said (Ambihum) “Tell them”. The
make a deputy on earth by the name an objection to the choice of Allah but difference between these two words
Adam for the guidance of mankind, they were only being curious as to show that Adam was given the rank
by establishing the commandments of the reson. Allah gave a brief reply by of a teacher, and the Angels that of
Allah on earth. Because if Allah did not saying “I know what you do not” This is students, this goes on to show that he
make a deputy then how will mankind implying that they are not aware of the was superior to them.
know what is the sole purpose of nature and the requirments of divine
creation. This is why Allah sent deputy. Because the angels thought Establishment of the superiority of
approxiamately 124,000 Prophets to fulfill such a big responsibility, you Man
from Adam till the last Prophet need to be pure and innocent being. The next part of the story Allah
Muhammad (SAW). Allah created Then Allah explained and expressed mentions by saying: “And when We
Adam from soil and before his mould it in detail to the angels that he said to the Angels “Prostrate before
was ready, He informed the angels bestowed upon Adam a knode of Adam !’’ So they prostrated, all but
that He was going to raise a creation knowledge which he alone knows of Iblis (Satan himself) he refused and
out of soil that will be called Basgir out of all other creations. Allah taught showed arrogance and became one
(mortal) and he will be his deputy on Adam the names of the properties and of the disbelievers.” Allah commanded
earth. Why did Allah keep the name realities of all the things and objects the Angels to prostrate before Adam
Adam ? Was there a purpose or not? which will be present at his time on because he wanted to display his
Allamah Thalbiy belives that in the earth, and the angels are not aware superiority, so He commanded the
Hebrew language Adam means dust of this knowledge. For example, an Angels to prostrate before Adam . All
or clay and because he was created angel can not really experience the the Angels prostrated before Adam
out of it he was named Adam . The pain of hunger and thirst, the torment except Iblis. A question may arise that
name Hawa she was the wife of from the bite of a scorpion or a snake Allah ordered the Angels to prostrate
Hazrat Adam her name means alive etc. The reason being is the nature not a jinn because the Quran says: “He
which is derived from the word (Hiaya) of angels is different to the nature of Iblis was of the Jinn, so he trangressed
because she was the mother of every human beings. A question may arise against his Lords command”. The
living man. as to how Adam was taught the answer to this question is that when
names, was he taught in private or Allah gave the command to prostarate,
The beginning of the creation of not? In the Quran, there is no clear he was present in the assembly and
Man indication to this but it may well be that was with the Angels observing tasbih
In the first three verses revealed about the teaching was open itself as well as and tahlil. So when Allah commanded
Adam , Allah talks about the fact that it was to Adam , his nature allowed him to prostrate, he was included in the
before he created Hazrat Adam He to recive it but the nature of the angels command and he himself took it to
would inform the angels about it as did not allow them to learn the names. apply to him. So when he did not
way of testing them and suggestimg Through this demonstration, Allah prostrate he did not say he was not
them to express their opinions in this made the angels realize how wrong of Angels and the command was not
matter. Upon hearing this, the angels they were in supposing that he would meant for him but instead he answered
said that they could not understand not create any being superior to them haughtily and in arrogance. When
why men were being chosen to in anyway and that they themselves Allah asked Iblis “ What prevented
be the deputies where as some of were more suitable and capable for you that you did not prostrate, when I
them would shed blood and spread being the deputy of Allah than Adam commanded you “ Iblis (the Shaytan)
disorder on this earth. The angels . But that does not mean they were replied “I am better than he, you
thought that they themselves were raising an objection, nor being proud, created me of fire, while you created
more suitable to perform this duty. As nor were they asking for the right him of clay” (Al-A’raf 7:12). The devil
the nature of angels is good; no evil but they were only expressing their meant to say that he was superior
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