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12 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I October 2009
EU anti-terror chief says do
not link religion with terrorism
The European Union’s top anti-
terrorism official said that there should
not be any stigmatization of any
people or religion in the fight against
Much more work is needed over
“the way we use the wording. Words
are weapons in media communication.
We should not say ‘Islamic terrorism’.
The Muslim world is very sensitive
about this,” EU counter-terrorism
coordinator Gilles de Kerchove told a
conference on terrorism.
The figure was responding to
a KUNA question on the rampant
use of terms like “Islamic terrorism”
and “Muslim terrorists” by western
politicians, officials, and the media.
“Words can be misleading. We can
perhaps say ‘Al-Qaeda terrorism’ but
not Islamic terrorism,” he stressed.
On his part Jiri Sedivy, who chairs
NATO’s anti-terrorism task force, London bombings of 2005 due to for the EU in counterterrorism?” was
pointed out that the alliance does not the high vigilance and cooperation of organized by the Brussels-based
use adjectives with terrorism. security and intelligence services in think tank European Policy Centre.
Kerchove noted that there was Europe.
no terror attack in the EU since the The conference titled “what future
Muslims World City
to be set up in China
Aiming at introducing Islamic Islamic university, hotels, plans to spent up to 800
Culture and Civilization, art centers particularly for million Yuan for equipments
“Muslims World City” a Islamic and Arab countries, of the Islamic city, the
tourist-cultural center will art workshops, an Islamic construction of which will
be set up in Nichia, north of hospital as well as an cost approximately 2 and a
China. exhibition for displaying half milliard Yuan.
According to infomaroc, Muslims artworks. The construction project
the city to be established on China’s government of the city started from some
a site of 200 Hectares, will has allocated around months ago is predicted to
possess a grand mosque 300 million Yuan (China be finished by the end of
at the center, a museum currency) for building 2014.
of Islamic history, an materials of the project and
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