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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I October 2009
How to perform hajj
(Here I am, O God, at Thy
command. Here
I am! Thou art
without associates,
Thine are praise
and grace and
dominion. Thou art
without associates,
here I am!)
Of the three types of Hajj, we outline mankind, for him who can find a way in Mina (10th of Thul Hijjah). Men are
the procedure for Hajj at Tamattu’, for thither. As for him who disbelieveth, let recommended to utter the Talbiyah
it is the most recommended. In this him know that lo! God is Independent aloud while women are to say it
type, one is to perform Umrah during of all creatures.’ [3:96-97] quietly
the Hajj months (i.e., Shawwal, Thul
Qa’dah and the first thirteen nights ONE - IHRAM TWO – UMRAH
of Thul Hijjah) and to perform the Ihram is the intention of the person Tawaf: Upon arrival to Makkah, make
Hajj in the same year with a sacrifice willing to perform all rites of Umrah, Tawaf around the Ka’bah. Circle the
slaughtered in Mina on one of the days Hajj or both when he arrives at Ka’bah seven times in the counterclock-
of Eid al-Adhha. One may remove the Miqat. Each direction coming wise direction, starting from the black
his Ihram garments and resume his into Makkah has its own Miqat. It is stone with Takbeer and ending each
normal activities between Umrah recommended that one makes Ghusl, circle at the Black Stone with Takbeer.
and Hajj. But one makes the Tawaf wear perfumes if he chooses on The Ka’bah will be to your left. Get
and the Sa’i twice, the first time for his body, but not the garments, and to Maqam Ibrahim (Ibrahim’s Station)
Umrah and the second time for Hajj. puts on a two piece garment with no as close as possible and make two
This booklet is designed to be used headgear. The garments should be of rak’at. Be sure to face the Ka’bah
as a handy reference, but it cannot be seamless pieces of cloth. One piece while praying.
a substitute for thoroughly studying to cover the upper part of the body, Sa’i: Next make Sa’i between Safa
Hajj and sincerely preparing oneself and another to cover the lower part. and Marwah. Start by ascending the
for this great Ibadah. Please refer to For a woman Ihram is similar except Safa hill. Facing the Ka’bah praise
the map in this booklet to follow the that she should not use perfumes at all Allah, raise his hands and make
sequence of the rites. Allah is the and her dress should cover the whole Takbeer three times, then you may
giver of success. May His blessings body decently, leaving the hands and supplicate to Allah whatever you
be upon our Prophet Muhammad and the face uncovered. Then one should want. Descend and head towards the
all of his family and companions. utter intention according to the type Marwah. Increase your pace between
“The first Sanctuary appointed for of Hajj. For Tamatt’u one may say, the clearly marked green posts (called
mankind was that at Mecca, a blessed “Labbayka Allahumma Umrah” which ar-Ram]), but should walk at a normal
place, a guidance to the peoples; means “O Allah I answered Your call pace before and after them. At the
Wherein are plain memorials of God’s to perform Umrah.” It is recommended Marwah, ascend, praise Allah and
guidance; the place where Abraham to repeat the Hajj supplication, called do as he did at the Safa. This is one
stood up to pray, and whosoever Talbiyah, as frequently as possible complete round and so is the other
entereth it is safe. And Pilgrimage from the time of Ihram till the time of way from Marwah to Safa. A total of
to the House is a duty unto God for the first stoning of Jamrat al-Aqabah seven rounds are required.
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