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Passion Islam I October 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 21
his mother bore him” – Al-Bukhari myself, what is different from them and Muzzammil, 73/1,2
The Journey
those who spend their breath in criticism A student once slept over at Imam
Getting The Heart In Shape and argumentation? It finally dawned Ahmad’s house, rahimahullah. Imam
Many years ago, as the Hujjaj swept that it was not the body of Zayd or ‘Amr Ahmad had left a vessel of water for
through the valley of Muzdalifah, a that I was witnessing, but it was the him, and upon arriving at Fajr time,
man remarked out loud, “My look at hearts of Zayd and ‘Amr. Some people found the vessel still full of water. He
the number of Hujjaj!” The wise man come to Hajj prepared financially. was shocked and remarked, “How can
replied, “Nay, the passengers are Others come with a prepared heart a person be a Talib Al-‘Ilm (student of
many, but the Hujjaj are few.” I once – that is what’s essential. Whether the Islam) and not stand for Qiyam ul-Layl!”
heard the story of a man who was grindstone grinds us to dust or polishes Some said to Ibn Mas`ood, may Allah
blessed with the opportunity to join the us up depends on what we are made be pleased with him, “We are unable
of Hearts
caravan for Hajj regularly. However, of. to wake up to perform Qiyam ul-Layl.”
his shortcoming was that he could He told them, “You are distancing
never control his anger during the days Now - How To Get That Heart In yourselves from it by your sins.”
of Hajj, and would snap cursing others. Shape For Hajj?
Well, one person had an idea for him. Firstly: Attend lectures and workshops Thirdly: Repentance to Allah and
His inspiration: Instead of cursing dealing with Hajj Hajj is one of the Dua
Muslims during Hajj, write all your pillars that Islam is built on. When It was during the days of Tashreeq
bad comments on a piece of paper someone intends to perform this rite when Jirbreel – alayhis salam – came
- fold it - and then when you get mad it a must upon them that they learn it to Rasul Allah – sal Allahu alayhi wa
at someone, just hand him the paper. well. Rasul Allah – sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam – with the words of Allah: [When
On the top of the tiny envelope write, sallam – said, “Seeking knowledge is the victory of Allah has come and the
‘Do not open until after Hajj’. The obligatory on every Muslim.” Imam Al- conquest / And you see the people
man agreed. As incident after incident Bukhari writes in his Saheeh, ‘Chapter: entering into the religion of Allah in
assailed him, the man would simply knowledge comes before statements multitudes / Then exalt Him with praise
smile, then frown and hand out the and actions.’ He then quoted the verse of your Lord and ask forgiveness of
tiny envelopes to the provoking party. of Allah: [So Know, that there is no deity Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of
Everything was going smoothly until except Allah and ask forgiveness for repentance.] Surah An-Nasr
the day when he was walking to the your sin.] - Surah Muhammad, 47/19 This was the culmination of 23
Jamarat and someone stomped his Secondly: Establish Salah and years of Da’wah, Jihad, and work; here
toes. He lost all control. Teeth gritting, Perform Qiyaam ul-Layl now was the farewell pilgrimage. What
he snarled and took out his briefcase When RasulAllah – salAllahu alayhi did it end with? [Then exalt Him with
of envelopes and dumped it on that wasallam – was preparing his heart praise of your Lord (Tasbeeh) and ask
poor guys head. for the mission of conveying this Deen, forgiveness of Him]
In Hajj I have seen people who Allah ordered him to prepare using Subhaanak Allaahumma wa
snatch for patience and the reward of Qiyam ul-Layl. Allah ta’ala says: [O bihamdika, Allahumma ighfir-lana /
Allah during those trying moments, like you who wraps himself / Arise (to pray) Glory be to you O Allah, and may You
a man pan handles for gold. I asked the night, except for a little] – Surah be praised. O Allah, forgive us!
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