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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I October 2009
Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him)
The First Man
Part 1
The Holy Quran has mentioned certain did not evolve from another mammal men, those strong in faith recognise
facts about Sayyidina Adam . However or creation. This is the same man this human factor and accept the word
we must realise that science has Allah excelled over other creation of Allah with or without proof.
opened a new door to the question of and handed over to him the valuable The important question is whether
the creation of the human being. They burden of trust, subduing the universe man has been created in this world
claim to say that man as we know to him and honouring him to be the without an aim and/or sense or whether
today went through many stages to deputy on Earth. Scientists boast there is a purpose behind his creation.
reach the present state that we are in theories and conjecture, stringing The Holy Quran has thrown light on
now. Scientists say that human being probability, unfounded ideas and even this topic. When Allah created man,
were in a form of ape like mammal. chance. After much discussion and he created him in the best stature and
Then stage by stage and step by blind absorbtion further theories are the Quran has thrown light by stating
step their form were changing and put forward to support ones already “Certainly We have created man in
progressing and finaly reached the faltering. There comes a time when the best stature” (Sura At-Teen). It is
form of present day man (Evolution no one scientific theory can be proven for that reason man is entitled to be
Theory). The changing of form and conclusively. Theories that cannot be honoured and respected among all
progressing step by step took millions proven are believed not upon fact but creation. Allah states in the Quran:
and millions of years. However, our upon the fallable word put forward “And surely We have honoured the
religion tells us that the creation of by scientists. Many theories evolve, children of Aadam” (Sura Al-Isra). And
the universe saw the first man in the are contradictory to other scientific because he is “in the best stature”
very form of Sayyidina Adam . Then theories and are at times at odds with and “worthy of respect” he alone is
was created Hawa of the same kind, themselves. Humans are left finaly to the one to “undertake the trust offered
then through them the chain of human believe in either the fallable theories of by Allah” and act as “deputy of Allah”
being came in existence on the surface man or the word of Allah. Muslims are and when these things are reposed in
of Earth.The Prophet Adam (peace be those that choose to have faith in Allah. him how could it be that he be left like
upon him) was the first man and he Intellect and comprehension vary in that without aim or consequence? The
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