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8 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I September 2009
UK arms used in Israel attacks
UK lawmakers have called for a
review of all arms exports to Israel,
as reports confirm that British arms
were ‘almost certainly’ used by Israeli
forces in Gaza.
The Committees on Arms Export
Controls published their annual report
on Wednesday which calls for tougher
scrutiny of arms exports, especially to
places like Israel.
The British parliament’s
Committee on Arms Export Controls
said last month that the government
is not doing enough to make sure
its weapons are not used against
damage on Gaza’s economy. published a report on arms sales to
civilians in war zones.
The UK committee, meanwhile, Israel in which it highlighted Britain’s
The joint report by four House of
called the report “regrettable” role in supplying engines for Hermes
Commons committees also urged
stressing that the government should 450 drones. According to the report,
tougher scrutiny and a case-by-
do “everything possible to ensure that Israel uses these drones to conduct
case assessment of arms exports,
this does not happen in future”. assassinations in Gaza.
especially to places like Israel.
It also welcomed Downing Street’s The report prompted the
The report comes as the British
minimum sanctions against Israel, Palestinian organization al-Haq
Foreign Secretary David Miliband in
which has reportedly led to the to file a lawsuit against the British
April informed Parliament that Britain
cancellation of five out of 182 warrants government, arguing that British arms
would re-examine its arms exports to
for supplying the Israeli military with sales facilitate Israeli operations in
Israel in light of Operation Cast Lead,
equipment. the impoverished Gaza.
in which over 1,400 Palestinians died,
The license review, however, only The Israeli military, meanwhile,
many of whom were women and
affects the small armada of Sa’ar 4.5 continues to be generously supported
missile boats -- deployed during the by the US -- its biggest arms supplier
Three weeks of non-stop Israeli air
Israeli raids on the impoverished sliver which injects USD 2 billion worth of
strikes as well as a ground incursion -- which depend on UK supplies. armaments into the defense industry
inflicted more than USD 1.6 billion of In February, Amnesty International per year.
Islamic Finance Conference
a first for the North
A two-day Islamic finance sectors have survived
conference is scheduled whilst western businesses
to take place between 13 and financial institutions
to 14 October at the Royal are still recovering from the
Armouries, Leeds, to look financial crisis.
at how Islamic banking has It will also explain to
grown and survived despite people the basic principles
the recent recession. and backgrounds of
The ‘Opportunities and Islamic finance, how it
Challenges in the World can help businesses and
of Islamic Finance’ is the organizations and explore
first of its kind in the north how the market has evolved
and will aim to provide internationally to date.
an introduction to Islamic There will be
finance, the rationale for opportunities to look at the
growth in Shariah compliant different sectors involved
financial products and the in Islamic finance and the
relevance of Islamic finance opportunities arising from
in today’s world. these: banking, investment,
The conference will insurance, derivatives and
Royal Armouries in Leeds will be the venue for the
also look at how Islamic the challenges that lay
first ever Islamic Finance Conference in the North
finance and banking ahead.
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