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Passion Islam I September 2009 ORLD NEWSW I 15
Algeria’s Berbers get first
Quran in local language
past, the community only had access
to local translations of only three
Paris to
parts of the Quran, the London-based
Asharq Alawsat reported.
Host Islaim c
The translation to Amazigh was
done by the King Fahd Complex for
the Printing of the Holy Quran in the
western city of Medina, said Sami bin
Abdullah al-Saleh, the ambassador of
Saudi Arabia in Algiers.
The King Fahd Complex, which
For the first time in Algeria, the Berber prints the Quran in 100 languages,
population has access to the Quran gave the copies to the Saudi embassy
in their own language after the Saudi and the ministry took charge of
embassy started an initiative to print distributing them in regions with Berber
copies of Islam’s Holy Book in the majority, particularly the provinces of
Amazigh language, press reports Tizi Ouzou, 100 kilometers east of the
said. capital, and Béjaïa, 250 kilometers
The embassy in Algiers distributed east of the capital.
hundreds of paper and audio copies “The reaction was very positive,”
of the Quran amongst Berber Saleh added. “Many Berbers contacted
tribes, which will allow thousands the Saudi embassy via phone and An international conference on “Islamic
of non-Arabic speaking Berbers to email to praise the initiative.” Banking” will be held by Euromoney
understand the Quran. Most Berbers in the area where Center in Paris on September 29.
“The translation was done under the copies were distributed do not According to ‘lemaghrebdz’
the supervision of the Algerian Ministry speak Arabic and many of them are website, the meeting will be attended
of Religious Affairs and Endowments illiterate and that is why audio copies by bank managers, directors of
“Saudi ambassador to AlgeriaIn the were produced, Saleh concluded. financial institutes, and economic
activists as well as Western traders
Quran researchers urged to
who have shown an increasing interest
in the products and services offered
foster Quranic concepts in society
by Islamic banking.
Islamic banking is considered
Quranic teachings are proper social and spiritual problems.” by many as a solution to the recent
solutions for problems of man’s daily Hojjat-ol-Islam Bagheriyan economic crisis as it leads to
life; hence, it is incumbent upon Quran stressed that merely reciting the development of investments.
researchers to promote Quranic Quran is not sufficient and attention In the Islamic banking system,
concepts in society, said a professor has to be paid to learning its meanings giving credit means to participate in
of Quranic sciences in Qom. and interpretations. an economic activity.
Hojjat-ol-Islam Mohammad “Understanding the interpretation
Bagheriyan added that reading the of Quranic verses as well as knowing
revelation is not enough, but that the place and time of revelation of
ant to W
people are in need of getting familiar each verse plays a very important
with Quranic teachings to apply them role in understanding the profound
in their lives. meaning of Quranic concepts.
He underlined that realization of There are valuable Quran
call us
Quranic teachings in society would interpretations which have to be
help resolve the problems. “That is presented in a simple language to
07506 466 385
why Quran has been sent to human be comprehensible for the public,” he
beings as a solution to all of their went on to say.
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