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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I September 2009
A lump of Clay
Imagine being handed a lump of clay Hours later, when alone with him; parent. However, what was the best? I
with the challenge of moulding it into I stroked his soft face gently, amazed did not just want him to be successful
something beautiful. You have seven to finally meet the one who had been in this life I wanted him to be
years “wet” time when it will be easier living inside me all this time. It was successful in this life and the Akhirah.
to mould, followed by seven years then the realisation hit me – I was a I wanted him to enter Jannah and to
“drying” time when you are able to mother. A huge sense of responsibility achieve that I would have to teach
correct those imperfections made overwhelmed me and for the first time how to pray at seven so he could be
during the wet period followed by a since becoming pregnant, I felt fear. regularly praying by ten, I wanted him
lifetime of back seat viewing to be What do I do with the baby? How to be a walking, talking Qur’an like the
there for when the finished product do I take care of him? What kind of Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu alahi
needs attention. upbringing do I give to him? All these wasalam) and the sahabah. The only
Although, you have absolutely no new problems started popping up and problem was I was not practicing and
idea on how to mould clay, you naturally I felt a feeling of awe of the creator. children learn from what we do not
accept the offer as it resembles you How small and insignificant I really what we say!
or your partner. After an undefined was that I did not even know what to I suddenly realised I had two paths
amount of time (1 day – many years), do with a newborn baby and I dreaded in front of me; years later, I compare
the rightful owner will take it back and to hear him cry! this to how Neo from Matrix must have
you will be asked about how you dealt In the weeks following, it became felt when he was offered the choice
with the challenge. a common practice that he cried for of the red or blue pill. In my case
Yes, the lump of clay is a baby. food, cried when wet, cried when and many other parents who embark
Even though we carry them for up to bored and cried when in pain and the on the journey of Islam the taking of
42 weeks whilst fathers wait eagerly, fact of the matter was it all sounded one pill would keep us in the rat race
nothing can prepare us for the the same for a while. Crying was all he life which would have surely lead us
first time we lay our eyes on them. knew. He worked both day and night to our destruction and the fire or the
Although, they are purple and look shifts without prior warning, resulting other pill which would lead us to an
like something out of a science fiction in countless sleepless nights and undiscovered path into Jannah. That
movie, to us they seem like the most bags under my eyes and my weekly day, I chose the pill, which would lead
beautiful person ever. shop to the supermarket consisted to Jannah Insha Allah.
I remember the first time I saw of a chance to meet up with new I began by naming him after
my eldest son, he was so small with mothers in the nappy aisle to discuss Usamah ibn Zaid. (The son of Zaid –
shiny black hair and as his little eyes best nappy brands. Welcome to the Prophets adopted son) We shaved his
scanned the surroundings, I found countless problems of parenthood! hair on the seventh day, endured the
myself repeatedly saying “You are so I knew that I wanted the best pain of circumcision six weeks later
beautiful!” solutions for my child just like any all for the love of Allah Subhana Wa
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