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26 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I September 2009
they are able to distinguish right from bellows. With the bearer of Musk, How do you deal with challenges
wrong. either he will give you a share, or you that children face in the west?
Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala reminds will buy from him or you will smell a “We talk to our children about all
us “O you who believe! Save pleasant scent from him; but with the issues they come across in great
yourselves and your families from a one, who pumps the bellows, either detail openly, It’s then up to us to
fire whose fuel is men and stones… he will burn your clothes or you will trust them enough to make correct
”Surah 66 verse 6 smell a foul stench from him (Bukhari decisions”
and Muslim). Another parent jokingly replied,
So what is education? Is education Therefore, we must guide our “I have told him that if he has a
just academia? children to choose good friends. relationship with a girl, I will perform
When I began home schooling my Discipline on which displeases their nikah straight away!” Giving
sons, years ago – It was the scariest Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala rather than clear solutions from Islam at all times
moment ever but I did it for the the people SubhanAllah.
pleasure of Allah swt and his deen When children misbehave, ask We need to remember that children
and he swt made it easy for me. yourself “Have they done something are an amanah (trust) for a set period;
I realised the definition of to displease Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala they may leave this earth before or
education from Islam wasn’t just or the people?” Is their a difference? after us.
academia, it was about having an A child spilling a drink on the floor We have no guarantees of how
Islamic personality which would be isn’t displeasing Allah Subhana Wa they turn out and that is the beauty of
distinct from the western personality, Ta’ala as the child is not accounted Islam. We will not be asked about how
it would be someone who knew what for this action but the recording angel they turned out by Allah Subhana Wa
was right and wrong and be aware will note down the parents reaction. Ta’ala, just what we did with the time
that all actions had an affect in this life Understanding the child is not held we had with our little lump of clay.
and the Akhirah. accountable by Allah Subhana Wa The prophet sallallahu alaihi wa
Someone who would do that Ta’ala shines a different light to the salam reminded us: Beware! Each of
which pleased Allah Subhana Wa scenario. you is a shepherd and each of you is
Ta’ala and keep away from those In many homes, you will find responsible and answerable for his
actions which displeased him. They Mothers wiping up spills asking their flock.
would feel the love of the Ummah child in a calm manner to be careful The leader and the ruler is a
when it cried, when Gaza was in pain, next time and educating the child to shepherd over the people and shall be
these children would join marches, be more responsible by watching their questioned about his subjects; a man
demos, and make sincere du’as in drink. They understand their reward is is a guardian over his family and shall
their prayers. They would defend the from Allah SWT. be questioned about them; a woman
Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa salam When you chose the solution from is the guardian over the household of
when others made fun of him. The Islam over other solutions, you feel her husband and his children and will
Qur‘an would be entwined in their life. totally liberated, almost as though be questioned about them….Beware!
They would dream about meeting the the shackles have been broken and Every one of you is a guardian and
Prophets one day and imagine the you can breathe the fresh air. You feel every one of you will be questioned
questions they would ask them. They the peace and tranquility flow through with regard to this trust (Bukhari &
would draw paintings of what they your veins instantly. Muslim)
would like in Jannah… I recently asked a father how he It is true what a loving sister once
managed to discipline his 14-year- wrote “What we do in this life truly
Make sure they have good friends. old son, to which he replied, “Our echoes in eternity” And as Muslims,
The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa salam children always knew we were the we want what we do in this life to echo
reminds us “The good companion and parents” They set this principle from in this life and in the Akhirah Insha
the bad companion are like the bearer the beginning and kept it consistent in Allah…
of musk and the one who pumps the their life. By Zaythoun Suleman
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