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Passion Islam I September 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 25
A lump of Clay
Ta’ala and his beloved Prophet. crayons between knuckles imitating removed mercy from your heart?”
Every problem, I came across Wolverine. With the wide variety of In a beautiful hadith, where Aaishah
had many solutions, given by TV programmes, movies, pop idols, (radhi alllahu anha) reported that
mums, parenting books and western internet, magazines and graphic whenever Fatimah came into the
specialists. I took the positive, which novels available – you will find them room, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi
did not contradict Islam and left the picking up some bad habits too. wa salam) would stand up, welcome
ones that did. It begins with a word which becomes her, kiss her and offer her a seat, and
I remember the midwife telling me a habit, a continued habit becomes whenever he came into the room,
to leave my baby crying and to only apart of their personality and their she would stand up, take his hand,
feed him every two hours but when personality determines their success welcome him, kiss him and offer
he cried, my natural reaction was to in the present, future and Akhirah. him her seat. SubhanAllah, this is a
comfort and feed him because he So, what is our role as mums and beautiful example of how our child
seemed hungry. It became a constant dads? Should we sit and watch our can learn from us with the simplest of
battle between trusting my instincts cherished lump of clay turn into a habits.
or trusting the “professionals”. I came prickly cactus, or do we try to reshape I realised that if I wanted him to
across the hadith of the Prophet it back into the intended flower before be affectionate, I would have to show
(sallallahu alaihi wa salam) making it becomes dry? him affection, so from that moment
the prayer shorter because a baby Form a bond of affection with them so on, I cuddled and kissed him when
was crying and he knew the amount they will turn to you when they have he was sad and happy, stroked his
of distress it was causing the mother. problems InshaAllah hair as I passed him, I tickled him for
He did that so the mother could tend One of my toughest challenges no other reason apart from showing
to the baby. I compared the two was to show affection in the early him affection. When we meet, we give
reactions to a baby crying and found days as all he wanted to do was cry, salaam and when we depart, we give
the Islamic solution a better option which I later understood was his way salaam.
and my baby did too… of communicating needs. As I had My youngest picked this up
not been shown affection as a child, alhamdulillah, you will see him
How do our children learn? I did not know how to give it until I running up to aunties with hijabs on
Learning begins in the womb and came across the story of a Bedouin he does not know in the supermarket
continues with admission into who came to the Prophet Muhammed and giving salaam to them and he
the world, by hearing voices and (sallahu alaihi wa salam) and said “Do will be stroking babies heads in a
watching actions. Children are like you kiss your sons? As we do not.” To loving manner and shushing the
sponges. They absorb information which the Prophet sallallahu alaihi crying babies in the masjid for Jumah
at an alarming rate, they boogy wa salam replied, “What can I do for prayers.
with boogy beebies and stick pencil you if Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala has Give them a sound education so
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