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Issue: 16 July 2009
Mighty warrior with a humble heart
7/7 mystery
Conspiracy? As rumours swell that the government
staged 7/7, victims’ relatives call for a proper inquiry
Last month BBC Two broadcast a documentary plot to win support for the war on terror; they were says.
called The Conspiracy Files 7/7 and In the absence tricked into travelling to London with rucksacks on Dr Naseem made copies of 7/7 Ripple Effect
of a public inquiry into the 7 July bombings, that day. for the mosque. At Friday prayers he asked the
conspiracy theories have filled the vacuum. CCTV that shows them arriving in London was congregation to raise their hands if they did not
One of the more inflammatory involves a 56- supposedly just to incriminate them. The film claims accept the government version - nearly the entire
minute homemade documentary from Muad Dib that they were not on the trains that blew up. gathering did.
also known as John Hill”. It follows a stream of It’s alleged the three men blamed for the Muad Dib theory on the fact that on 7 July
allegations about the 2005 bomb attack on London. Tube bombings were in fact murdered by police at 2005, there was a mock exercise preparing for a
The film, entitled 7/7 Ripple Effect, accuses former Canary Wharf, after government agents set off pre- possible terror attack on the London underground,
PM Tony Blair, the government, the police and the planted explosives to frame them. with a very similar scenario to what happened ”.
British and Israeli security service of murdering Chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, But Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard
the innocent people who died that day, in order to Dr Mohammed Naseem said. police officer, says on 7 July, the exercise he ran
shore up support for the “war on terror”. He has long harboured doubts about the was office-based and involved just six people from
The narrator alleges the four men blamed for government account. “The Ripple Effect is more a publishing company and when seeing 7/7 Ripple
the bombings were in fact fall guys in a government convincing than the government statement,” he Effect, he found it “quite menacing and worrying”.
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