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20 I SPECIAL CHARITY FEATURE Passion Islam I July 2009
Falling pregnant
is a gift from Allah
Once a woman has confirmed her Gratitude may be expressed in the You are all-hearing of the Du’aa.
pregnancy, she should express her following ways:
gratitude before Allah Ta’ala as this is Recite the following Du’aa as well:
indeed a great bounty of Allah Ta’ala. Recite the following Du’aa very Rabbi-j‘alniy Muqeema-Salaati wa
This is such a boon that many people frequently: Allahummâ Lakal Hamdû min Zurriyatiy Rabbanaa wa Taqabbal
beseech Allah Ta’ala throughout their Wa Lakash-Shukru Du’aa
lives for pious children but Allah Ta’ala Translation: O Allah! All praises are Translation: O my Lord! Render me
has destined otherwise. In fact one of due to You alone and I express my as well as my progeny as establishers
the greatest Nabîes of Allah Ta’ala, gratitude unto You alone (for granting of Salâh and accept our Du’aas.
Hadrat Ibrahim (Alayhis salaam) me the honour of motherhood). Similarly, express your gratitude
used to supplicate to Allah Ta’ala from the heart in such a manner that
most profoundly and frequently. Even Allocate a fixed time for two Rak‘aat you stay happy and try to stay happy
Hadrat Zakariyya (Alayhis salaam) of Nafl Salaat. Whilst in Sajdah, make at all times. Try to forget all your past
used to supplicate for children most Du‘aa abundantly. Recite the following sorrows. Build your dreams and keep
passionately and fervently during the Du’aa as well: Rabbi Hab Liy Min- your hopes and spirits high. Ponder
latter part of his life. Ladunka Zurriyatan-Tayyibah Innaka over the bounties of Jannat.
Hence, a Muslim woman is Sam‘iud-Du’aa Instead of embroiling yourself in
required to express her gratitude Translation: O my Lord! Bless me from the daily disputes with the mother-in-
unto Allah Ta’ala for this great bounty. your side with pure children. Verily law and sisters-in law and instead of
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