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8 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I July 2009
Police plan 30-minute
response to head off attack
British police are being trained to deal
with incidents similar to the Mumbai
terrorist attacks, it was revealed.
A Police firearms units, already
trained to shoot to kill if necessary, are
being taught to head off the danger of
a siege in the crucial first 30 minutes,
the Daily Telegraph newspaper
Hotel staff are being trained to spot
terrorists on reconnaissance missions
as well as how to evacuate guests
- or whether to advise them to lock
themselves in.
Should a hostage situation
develop, the elite squad known as
the SAS would be put on standby and
explosives. One senior police officer
attempts would be made to try to limit
told the Telegraph: “It is one of the
Language analysis
the information Detectives from the
biggest threats we face and we have
Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism
learnt important lessons.
for Palestinian
Command have visited India to learn
Almost all the deaths inside the
and Kuwaiti
lessons from the attacks which killed
hotels occurred in the first half an hour
173 people and wounded 308 over
and the terrorists were not prepared
asylum seekers
the course of three days in November
for the long siege that ensued.”
last year.
A senior government official said
Officers have made a series of
that counter-terrorism officials have
presentations within the Metropolitan
had a “lot of detailed briefings” which
Police and Government warning
concentrate on training police armed
that a Mumbai-style attack is a real
tactical response units to “act quickly
for public protection”.
They believe that terrorist groups
“This has been an eye-opener
with links to the criminal underworld
and we are refreshing our plans,” the
might be trying to buy arms because
official added.
they are easier to obtain than
The Government has announced
that asylum applicants claiming to
be from Palestine or Kuwait may
in future be asked to have their
language analysed. This will enable
immigration officers to check whether
these asylum seekers are in fact of
different nationalities.
If applicants refuse to undergo
language analysis, this refusal may
be taken into account when deciding
whether they have assisted in
establishing the facts of their case.
The requirement for language
analysis will remain in place for 11
months until April 2010, when it will
be reviewed.
More information is provided in a
Written Ministerial Statement, which
you can download from the right side
of this page.
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