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12 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I July 2009
First Mosque to be
constructed in Ukraine
The construction project of the first in a few months, Ukraine’s Muslims years in which to worship, a success
mosque in Kiev, capital of Ukraine will be able to perform their religious gained through Islamic unity and
has started with the presence of rituals at the new mosque. brotherhood.”
Islamic countries’ ambassadors and The construction site used to be Expressing satisfaction over the
the country’s Muslims. a prayer house too small for Kiev’s establishment of a mosque in Kiev,
According to CİHAN, attending the 3000 Muslims. Ukraine’s Mufti, Sheykh Ahmad
ceremony marking the start of the Al- Talking to reporters, Mokaddem Tamim Jahan said, “Muslims from
Rahmah mosque construction project Bafdal Algerian ambassador to various nations have contributed to
were the ambassadors of Algeria, Ukraine said, “This is a great success this project and this is a sign of Muslim
Lebanon and Indonesia. for Muslims of the country. They unity which history will never forget.”
With the completion of the project can now have a mosque after many
10th Moscow international Quran
First Quran
competition to be contested
Russia’s fatwa department, said at
the press conference that Russia
center in Gaza
regards holding the competition at the
international level as very important.
Central Prison
He added that Quran reciters from 20
countries will attend the contest this
year, showing a significant rise in the
number of participants from different
“Moscow’s international Quran
competition will begin on July 16
and participants will compete in the
categories of Quran memorization
and recitation,” he said.
Palestine Ministry of Endowments
Mr. Abbasev noted that the
and Religious Affairs opened the first
competition’s jury panel would be
Quran memorization center in the
made up of prominent international
training section of the Central Prison
Quran reciters and Mohammad bin
of Gaza.
Rashad Al-Husseini would chair the
According to Ma’an, Imad Addajni,
A press conference was held in panel.
director of the Quran Memorization
Moscow featuring the 10th edition “There will be sideline programs
office of Palestine’s Endowments
of Moscow’s international Quran including poster and painting
Ministry said that the center opened
competition, website reported. exhibitions during the competition,”
to hold a Quran memorization
Rushan Abbasev, an official with he went on to say.
programe in cooperation with the
Public Relations Office of the Central
Complaint lodged against Bollywood star
Prison in Gaza.
“The prisoners learn Quran and
A complaint was lodged made some statements registered under section
practice Quran memorization and will
against Bollywood hurting the sentiments of 295-a (deliberate and
be granted both material and spiritual
actor Shah Rukh Khan Muslims,” senior police malicious acts intended
awards by Palestine Ministry of
for making statements inspector of Bandra to outrage religion
Endowments and Religious Affairs.
against Islam in a police station, Prakash feelings or any class
“Based on the agreement
magazine. George, said. by insulting its religion made with the interior Ministry,
“We have registered The complaint was beliefs) and 34 (acts those prisoners who succeed in
an FIR against Shah registered against Shah done by several persons memorizing the whole Quran will be
Rukh Khan after we Rukh and the publisher with common interest) of granted remission of their sentence
received an application of the magazine and the IPC. which will encourage other prisoners
from an advocate who writer, he said. Shah Rukh was to memorize the holy Quran,” Addajni
alleged that the actor The case was unavailable for comment said.
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