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Passion Islam I July 2009 CORRESPONDENCE I 27
emailbox - comments
Excellent June issue, keep up the good work
I would like to ask you if you can send me a
hard copy to me as we regularly read your
magazine but feel our students will also might
text & emails
benefit, we have secondary high school and one
of the subjects we teach is modern politics and
Send your emails to
i think some of articles will be very useful to the
Beautiful Salaat
Lucy Gregan
For the first time I read your magazine on my
phone, which was cool, whilst on train and on the
underground, really nice issue.
North London
Just to say I went onto one of Passion Islam,
Media and Islam courses last month in London
Sent in by Kaleem, Australia and found it very thought provoking in the way
If you want to comment on anything within the
you address the issues surrounding how press
publication or write for us or just get involved with
and broadcast media highlight stories and what
Passion Islam email us on
the story actually sometime is. Very good
Mark Jones
News Media, London
Please could you highlight some Islamic heroes
or greats from the past or in our times, i think it
will be a good read for myself and others.
Passion Islam Media
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Passion Islam keeps on improving month by
month, really well done, 13th issue not bad
i really liked the article on the MP’s Scandal by
________________________________________________ Majed Iqbal, thought it really made you think.
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