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Passion Islam I July 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 21
involving yourself with the unbecoming salads, cucumbers etc. in abundance. clearly states on the lable that it is
behaviour of your husband, maintain Make sure that they are clean and not advisable for pregnant women.
strict silence. On the impending washed before use. Hence, if you are really desperate
happiness of the birth of your child, Drink lots of sour-milk and to use some medication, make sure
maintain a friendly and trouble-free milk. Drink as much milk as your you scrutinize the lable and make
relationship with all. If you do tend to digestive system can handle. Milk thorough investigation before use.
hurt anyone, apologise immediately is a very blessed form of nutrition. In the first three months and the
and try to forget about the dispute. If After consuming other types of last month, in fact from the seventh
you continue vexing others, the evil food, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi month onwards, avoid sexual contact
effects of this nature will fall on the Wasallam) would utter: Allahummâ with your husband. This at times,
unborn child as well. The conditions of At‘imnâ Khayran-Minhu adversely affects the mother and the
the mother during pregnancy, in fact Translation: O Allah! Grant us food child.
even her spirit and perceptions during better than this (in Jannat). Avoid sleeping late. Try to get at
this state has a profound effect on the However, milk is of such a blessed least eight hours of peaceful sleep.
unborn child. nature that there is no food better This will ensure that your body and
Hence, a Muslim woman should than milk since after drinking milk mind is well rested. This in turn is
express gratitude at all times Rasûlullâh ? recited the following beneficial for the child as well and it
especially during the period of her Du’aa: Allahummâ Bârik Lanâ Fîhî wa may simplify delivery of the child.
pregnancy. This gratitude should in Zidnâ Minhu Avoid excessively hard work and
turn develop in her the love of Allah Translation: O Allah! Bless us in this picking up very heavy objects as this
Ta’ala. She should ponder that since and increase it for us. may lead to a miscarriage. If your
Allah Ta’ala has blessed us with so In other words, whilst drinking cruel mother-in-law or hard-hearted
many bounties, we should also devote milk, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi sister-in-law compels you to pick up
ourselves to Him. To disobey such Wasallam) did not ask for something heavy objects or forces you to carry
a majestic benefactor – by strutting better (as he did in the case of other out some difficult task, then excuse
about veil-less, watching television, foods), because there is no better food yourself very politely and explain to
videos, backbiting etc. – at any time than milk. This is why he beseeched them that this task is beyond you and
and especially during pregnancy is Allah Ta’ala for Barkat (blessing) and that you will pay a labourer to carry
not acceptable. Allah Ta’ala showers increase in it. out this task.
His bounties upon us and we in turn In short, a pregnant woman should However, if your cruel mother-in-
disobey Him!? drink lots of milk because Allah Ta’ala law or hard-hearted sister-in-law fails
has placed the vitamins and proteins to take pity on your condition, explain
The first month of pregnancy required by the human body in milk. your helplessness to your husband
Remember that you are not a single If pure or raw milk is detrimental and with his permission, go to your
entity now. Now a child is being to you, consume it in other forms like mother’s house to rest.
nourished within your own body. With Lassî (curds), sour-milk, custard, Khîr If you are a sister-in-law to another
a bit of precaution on your part, this etc. This is beneficial to the mother as woman (your brother’s wife), don’t
child may become healthy, intelligent, well as the child. be cruel to her as well. The moment
understanding, pious and religious. Abstain from tea, coffee, Pân she falls pregnant, try to make her
However, with your negligence and (betel leaf), oil, Ghee, chillies and oily comfortable and relaxed at all times.
indifference, the child may turn out to foods. Besides affecting the digestive Your benevolence won’t be directed
be weak, sickly and incompetent. system, these foods are detrimental to your sister-in-law alone but you will
Hence, your life should not be to the muscles and nervous system be showing mercy to a sinless child,
the same as it was before you fell of the mother and may also affect the a priceless gem, a blossoming flower,
pregnant. Every moment should be child. the coolness of your brother’s eyes,
passed with caution and concern over Ensure that you refrain from all a luminance of this worldly life and
the well-being of yourself as well your types of medication during pregnancy a source of perpetual reward for the
child. Therefore, pay careful attention especially pain-relievers. If you are hereafter.
to the following points: really desperate, consult a reliable The degree of happiness and
Be careful with your diet. Chew your female (or male) doctor explaining comfort of your sister-in-law or
food thoroughly before swallowing. your pregnancy and conditions to daughter-in-law will, Inshâ Allah
Avoid over-eating and abstain from her. It should not be such that you are Ta’ala, determine the well-being,
food that can cause constipation. prescribed medication that is injurious health, robustness and happiness of
Eat green, fresh vegetables, like to pregnant women. Some medication the new arrival.
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