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Passion Islam I March 2009 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 3
Guantanamo detainee
tells of MI5 telegrams
A UK resident detained at Guantanamo questions to him.
Bay has released alleged domestic The opposition Conservatives have
Intelligence service, MI5, memos called for a police inquiry into his
which he claims show government allegations of British collusion.
collusion in his interrogation. Conservative Shadow Justice
Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed, Secretary Dominic Grieve said there
30, told the Mail on Sunday to be should be a judicial inquiry into the
published tomorrow they were sent allegations and the matter referred to
to the CIA in November 2002, at a the police.
time he said he was being tortured in Mohamed told the paper the worst
Morocco. part of this captivity was in Kabul’s
His claims of British collusion are “dark prison” where he claimed he
they chained me for eight days on
being investigated by the government, was shackled and forced to listen to
end, in a position that meant I couldn’t
the media here said, quoting the continual music while standing up.
stand straight nor sit.
Mail. He also alleged he was fed
“I couldn’t sleep. I had no idea
He also told the paper he was held contaminated food and denied proper
whether it was day or night.” A Foreign
in continual darkness for weeks on washing facilities.
Office spokesman said tonight: “We
end in a prison in Kabul, Afghanistan. “The toilet in the cell was a bucket.
abhor torture and never order it or
Mohamed claims MI5 agents fed Without light, you either find the
condone it.
his US captors specific questions bucket or you go on your bed,” he told
“We take allegations of
which led to him falsely confessing to the paper.
mistreatment seriously and investigate
terrorist activities. “There were loudspeakers in the
them when they are made.
In the first memo, the writer asked cell, pumping out what felt like about
“In the case of Binyam Mohamed,
for a name to be put to him and then 160 watts, a deafening volume, non-
an allegation of possible criminal
for him to be questioned further about stop, 24 hours a day.
wrong-doing has been referred to the
that person. “They played the same CD for a
Attorney General.
The second telegram asked month.
“We need now to wait for her
about a timescale for putting further He added: “The longest was when
report,” he said.
Obama reaching Rasool & Co
out to Taliban
U.S. President Barack Obama announced in an interview
that the United States is not winning the war in Afghanistan
and hinted at talking to moderate elements of the Taliban
01924 439106
as it did with some insurgency groups in Iraq.
“You’ve seen conditions deteriorate over the last
couple of years. The Taliban is bolder than it was. I think
in the southern regions of the country, you’re seeing them
attack in ways that we have not seen previously,” Obama
Specialists in: AGAINST
told The New York Times.
Asked by the Times if the United States was winning
the war in Afghanistan, which he called the “central front in
the war on terror,” Obama simply replied: “No.”
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