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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I March 2009
The State of Repentance
The state of repentance, tawbah, is “turn in repentance” to Him after they alayeh wa sallam, is reported to have
at the beginning, the middle and the had already believed, gone through said: “O people, make tawbah to
end of all states of submission to the hardships, trials of faith, executed Allah. By Allah, I make tawbah to Him
will of Allah. The servant who seeks patience, migrated and performed more than seventy times each day.”
the pleasure of Allah never abandons jihad. Allah then made success (Bukhari)
tawbah. He remains in the state of conditional on perfecting such tawbah, His companions used to count for
tawbah until his death. Whatever his as the effect is often conditional on the him in each congregation his saying
state of belief, the servant makes cause. No one can hope for success, one hundred times: “My Lord, forgive
tawbah his constant companion. Thus, except: those who make tawbah. Allah me and accept my repentance, for
tawbah is at the beginning and at the says: “And those who do not make You are At-Tawwab (the One who
end of his servitude to his Creator. tawbah are indeed the dhaalimoon accept repentance), Al-Ghafoor
His need for tawbah at the end, just (wrongdoers).” (49:11) (The Oft Forgiving).” The Prophet,
as at the beginning, overrides, and Allah divides His servants into sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, is also
supersedes all other needs. two categories only: the repentant reported to have said: “No one will
and the wrongdoers. There is no be rescued (on the Day of Judgment)
Allah says: “And turn to Allah altogether third category. Allah calls those who by his deeds. They (his companions)
(make tawbah), O you who believe so do not make tawbah, “dhaalimoon” asked even you Messenger of Allah?
that you may succeed,” (24:31) (wrongdoers and transgressors) and He said, even me, unless Allah would
no one is more of a wrongdoer and a grant me His mercy and Grace.”
The verse above is contained within transgressor than a person who does May Allah’s blessings and peace
a Madinan Surah (revealed after the not repent for his evil actions. This state be upon His Messenger, the most
migration to Madinah), in which Allah is a result of a person’s ignorance of knowledgeable among His creation of
addresses the people of emaan, his Lord and the rights due to Him, as Him, His Rights, His Greatness and
who are the best of His creation. well as, his own defects and the evil what servitude He deserves. He is
He calls upon them to make tawbah of his deeds. The Prophet, sallallahu the most knowledgeable of servitude
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