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Passion Islam I March 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 25
ZIKRULLAH functions of his mouth are noble and cord connects the developing embryo
The actual purpose underlying lofty; his mouth is a passageway for to its mother. It is the passageway
the creation of man is Zikrullah or transference of the recited Qurãn in which exchange of nutrient and
the remembrance of Allah Taãla. into the mouth of the listening angel. waste materials with the circulatory
Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi He cannot, therefore, debase and system of the mother takes place. In
Wasallam) ordered Muslims to dishonour himself so disgracefully man the umbilical cord arises at the
maintain their tongues fresh with the by resorting to the revolting practice navel below which is the location of
Zikr of Allah Taãla. of oral sex. A Muslim should not the rebellious Nafs which reduces
The facts mentioned above will dishonour that head and face which man to sub-animal levels if not
indicate that Insaan is Ashraful the Shariáh of Islam commands to be restrained. Why does Allah Taãla not
Makhlukaat (the noblest of creation) honoured. Allah Taãla honoured the create the foetus with the umbilical
and the noblest part of his body is his human head with noble qualities, the cord attached to its mouth so that its
head which is the location for lofty highest being the Noor of Aql, but man nutrition reaches it in the normal way,
faculties and attributes which earn debases that lofty part of his body by viz. Via the mouth? Right until the very
for him the designation of ‘the form of indulging in an act of bestiality not last moments prior to its emergence
Allah’. In order that he maintains his even committed by the lowly beasts. into the external world, the baby’s
lofty rank and progresses continuously It does not behove man in general, nutrition is via the umblical cord.
towards loftier mansions and closer and a Muslim in particular to degrade Immediately on reaching the outside
Divine Proximity, it is essential that himself in this manner. world its nourishment reaches it from
man exercises restraint over his The Mu’min’s link with Allah Taãla the mouth. Since the umbilical cord
physical and animal qualities. If he is so strong or ought to be so strong is also the passageway for impure
fails in this respect, he will descend that the Shariáh has prescribed a waste matter, its connection is near
to a level below the lowly beasts. particular Duá to be recited even to the location of the lowly nafs. The
Allah Taãla has endowed man with when a man approaches his wife for mouth has thus been guarded against
intelligence, will-power and shame. sexual relations. Even at the moment impurities.
He must employ these attributes of reaching climax and ejaculation, the The facts presented in this article
to subdue his animal and carnal Muslim is required to read in his mind should be sufficient to convey to
desires and refrain from indulgence (without moving the lips) a special Duá Muslims that their Imaan and the
in the excesses of lust. If he fails in so that he remains protected from any spirit of the teachings of Islam do not
this achievement he will annihilate Shaitaani interference. We learn from permit them to grovel in the dregs of
himself spiritually and degenerate to the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu debasement and perpetrate moral
sub-animal levels. Álayhi Wasallam) that Shaytaan injustice by utilising the mouth for
The sublimity of Islam is of attempts to interfere with man even deriving sexual pleasure. This is
such a lofty degree that it exhorts while he indulges in lawful sex, hence not the function of the mouth. It is
its adherence to adopt dignity, the wording of the special Duá for this a misappropriation of an amaanat
deportment and propriety in even occasion is: “O Allah! Protect us from (trust). All parts of the body are
sexual relationship. Rasulullah Shaytaan and protect the offspring Amaanat which have to be utilised
(Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) you grant us from Shaytaan”. in accordance with the instructions
advised his Ummah to abstain from Allah Taãla has honoured man of Allah Taãla. Such contamination
total nudity when indulging in sex highly, hence the Qurãn says, “Verily, and moral pollution as entailed by
and not to behave ‘like asses’. Since We have honoured the sons of oral sex are most unbecoming the
Islam is a culture of transcendental Aadam”. He is therefore not allowed dignity and rank of man, especially if
values calculated to ensure maximum to debase himself with the bestial the Insaan appears to be a follower of
remembrance of Allah Taãla, a Muslim acts which even the lowly beasts do the illustrious Shariáh of Muhammad
should not debase himself to a sub- not commit. (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam). Allah
animal level by resorting to the vile The mouth is an honoured part of Taãla states in the Noble Qurãn,
practice of oral sex. the physical body. It is not a receptacle “Verily, Allah loves those who purify
The mouth of Insaan is the of impurity. The Shariáh emphasises themselves”.
pathway of the Qurãn, his tongue has the maintainance of its purity. Even Extracted from
been commanded to remain fresh in the developing foetus, Allah Taãla ‘The Majlis’ Vol. 6 No. 8
with Zikrullah; his mouth is situated has arranged for the maintainance of
in the noblest part of his body; the the purity of the mouth. The umbilical Mufti Ebrahim Desai
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