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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I March 2009
Oral sex between a husband and his natural ability to progress to the of these lofty faculties, viz. Lateefah
wife is considered as Makruh Tahrimi pedestals of elevation, he degenerates Khaafi and Lateefah Akhfa are
by the jurists, since there is strong and falls from his lofty mansion. He located in the head. The Lateefah
possibility that by ejaculation, Mazi then falls to levels lower than the level Akhfah is located in the centre of the
(semen) comes out and enters of dogs, pigs and even Shayaateen. brain while the location of Lateefah
the mouth of the partner. There is SUPERIORITY Khafi is between the eyebrows.
consensus amongst the Fuqahaa that According to the authentic Tafaseer, The functions of these faculties are
Mazi is Najis (impure). prior to the creation of Aadam the highest states of reflection and
Man has been created as a bearer (Álayhis salaam), the Malaaikah contemplation, progressing from the
of high and noble attributes. In him (angels) entertained the opinion high state of Fana to Fanul Fana.
he mirrors the attributes of divinity that Allah Taãla will not create any These are spiritual or Roohani stages
(Sifaat-e-Ilaahiyya) such as life, being superior to them. Allah Taãla which shall not be discussed in this
knowledge, power, will, sight, hearing, negates this opinion of the Malaaikah article.
speech, love, etc. In the authoritative by creating Aadam (Álayhis salaam) PATHWAY FOR QURÃN
Tafseer of the aforementioned Aayat, and making him a manifestation of In the Ahaadith, the following narration
it is said that Insaan (man) has been divine attributes. To illustrate Insaan’s appears: “Verily, your mouths are
adorned with the Noor of Aql (the light superiority over all pecies of creation, pathways of the Qurãn, therefore
of intelligence). This celestial faculty Allah Taãla commanded the Malaaikah purify your mouths with Miswaak.”
of intelligence creates in Insaan the to make Sajdah (prostration) to him The Makhaarij or places from
capacity for the manifestation of the (Nabi Aadam -- Álayhis salaam). The whence Qurãnic huroof (letters)
lofty and divine attributes of Allah superiority of man is well emphasised emanate are located in the mouth.
Taãla. By virtue of the Noor of Aql by the statement of Rasulullah The high Ibaadat of Tilaawat of the
man becomes incandescent by being (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam): Qurãn shareef is effected via the
a mirror for these lofty attributes and “Allah created Aadam in His (Allah’s) mouth, hence the Hadith describes the
manifestation (Tajalliyaat-e-Zilliyah form.” Insha Allah, this Hadith will be mouth as the ‘pathway of the Qurãn’.
and Sifaat-e-Zaatiyyah). As a direct explained in greater detail in some Since it is, literally speaking, the
consequence of this lofty pedestal future issue of ‘the Majlis’. Here it is channel for the recitation of the Qurãn
which Insaan occupies in the Divine sufficient to mention the interpretation shareef, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu
Scheme, the mantle of Khilaafah of the authorities intelligence, sight, Álayhi Wasallam) emphasised much
(vicegerency) has been conferred hearing, etc. These lofty attributes the maintainance of its purity. The
on him. Stating this fact, the Qurãn are located in that part of the human emphasis on the purity of the mouth
declares: Verily I shall be creating on body called head. It is for this could be gauged from the many
earth a Khaleefah. reason that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu times Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi
In the Tafseer of the Aayat Álayhi Wasallam) forbade striking or Wasallam) would use the Miswaak
mentioned at the beginning, it is also slapping the face of any human being everyday to clean his mouth. The
said that in relation to all the species of or even an animal. In the Tafseer of practice of Miswaak is strongly
life, man has been endowned with the the Qurãnic Aayat which permits stressed by the Shariáh. In one
most beautiful form. All other animals husbands to beat wives in cases of Hadith, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi
have been created in a lowly form necessity, it is said: “The face shall not Wasallam) said, “When the servant
with their heads downwards. Their be slapped”. Explaining the reason of Allah uses the Miswaak and then
faces constantly pointing downwards for the prohibition of slapping the performs Salaat, an angel stands
to the earth indicate their low rank in face, Imaam Nawawi (RA) says in his behind him, listening attentively
relation to man. In contrast, man has Sharhul Muslim, “Because the face to the recitation of the Qurãn. The
been created upright and he eats his is the embodiment of man’s beauty angels draws closer and closer to
food by means of raising it with his in addition to it being of sublime the reciter and places his mouth on
hands unlike the lowly beasts with nature.” the mouth of the reciter. Thus every
faces downwards. THE LATAA-IF-E-SITTAH word emanating from the mouth of
HIS DEBASEMENT In man there are six metaphysical the Musalli enters the angel’s mouth.
In the Tafseer of the Aayat, it is said or non-material or spiritual faculties Therefore, maintain your mouth pure
that when man willingly destroys known as the Lataa-if-e-sittah. Two and clean for the Qurãn.”
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