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Name Paul Silver, Vice President, EMEA, Tegile

QBiggest influence? A My parents without a doubt. They instilled a strong work ethic within me

and my father’s gentlemanly behaviour was inspirational. He would even cheer on his competitor when playing a sport!

QMost valuable lesson learnt? A The harder you work, the luckier you get.

QOne company to watch (other than your own)?

A I can’t think of another company other than Tegile to keep an eye on.

QIf you weren’t an IT exec, what would you like to be?

A A motor racing driver.

QIn charge for the day, what world problem would you address?

A There are lots of illness in the world that need to be tackled but for me I’d like to

instil a culture of ‘live and let live’ across the globe, particularly at these times. One more wish I’d like to add is that I’d like a ban on all traffic cameras!

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QShirt and tie or dress down?

A The only thing missing on weekends is a tie. Always a shirt.

QSport - spectator or participator?

A Both – I used to participate in motor racing but I’m resigned to just watching it these days. I try to keep fit and still run every day and occasionally fence.

QGuess who’s coming to dinner – your five guests, (real or fictional


A My first choice is my family but thereafter it would have to be Graham

Hill, Boris Johnson, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo Da Vinci and David Bowie.

QWhat’s the point of IT?

A IT has dramatically increased the amount of information at our fingertips and the efficiency of how we communicate. Thanks to computing we have the ability achieve amazing things in a shorter time than was ever imaginable and mostly for the good.

QWhen it comes to energy resources is the glass half-empty or half-full?

A That’s the great thing about Tegile, we do a lot more for a lot less. (More

performance for less cost). The glass is definitely half-full.

QPet hates?

A My biggest pet hate is letting people out into junctions that don’t say thank you, but Simon Cowell is up there with bad manners.

QWhere does the time machine take you and why?

A Back to the turn of the 20th century knowing what I know now, not

for financial gain but to prevent a lot of catastrophes.

QBring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disaster (waiting to happen at

some point in the future)?

A Bring Your Own Device – it’s been aiting to happen. Everything you need

to function these days is going on your phone or your tablet…and that goes with you everywhere. The modern and more effective Filofax.

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