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Considerations for a successful data center transition

By Mat Jordan, EMEA Sales Director, IT Asset Recovery, Procurri

FOCUS is given to deliberating who your new Datacenter provider will be, time is spent ensuring the correct redundancy, price, security and comms are in place; but all too often the forgotten relation until the move date is almost upon us is the practicalities of the transition itself. Potential lack of planning surrounding the physical move can lead to knee jerk decisions when time constraints become critical, and potentially expose you and your organisation to some of the highest risks to theft or loss of data. The most vulnerable time for attempted theft occurs when infrastructure is outside of the datacenter environment, outside of your datacenter, or a hosting company’s control.

Due consideration and planning should be given to the physical migration of hardware, and the environment the data is held throughout the relocation of hardware. With an ever growing focus, regulation and ultimately penalties being placed on businesses who fail to secure their data; planning for the physical relocation of hardware has to feature at the beginning of the discussion, rather than be buried at the back.

Discussion and planning should include: Who will de-install the hardware at one location and re-install it at the next? Do they have base line security clearance? It is common practice, and reasonable to expect contracting staff to adhere to security checks to ensure no criminal records or historical

dubious behaviour. How is hardware to be moved? Common practice is to use non liveried , rigid sided vehicles with a no stop policy, in extreme circumstances there is the option to have a support vehicle follow the truck in case of break down or attempted theft; it has been known for criminals to use jamming devices to prevent a call for help from the primary transport vehicle.

How will data be managed, how sensitive is it? Should hardware undergo a secure CESG data erasure programme prior to leaving the facility, and be restored at its new location. There are currently two key data erasure providers Tabernus and Blancco, both of whom conform to CESG HMG IAS No.5 ;1 or 3 Overwrite (CESG is the Information Security arm of GCHQ, and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance within the UK.

They are the definitive voice on the technical aspects of Information Security in Government.) , and US DoD 5220.22-m; 3 or 7 Overwrite (DoD is the USA Department of Defence), these certification levels should be present with any erasure provider, ask for proof of erasure level before you commit.

Is the company you are using independently certified through an organisation such as ADISA ( )? Such organisations spot check members to ensure security standards are maintained, and best practice implemented when handling data. A solution provider should be able to work with you to road map a solution.

Options could be to consider a swing kit solution installing matched hardware at one site, ensuring data is transferred and restored and once satisfied, remove hardware from the original location. This can and does guarantee uptime. Alternately consider how will failures during transportation be managed, spares kits can be deployed to site ahead of a move to help minimise

disruption due to faults during transport, the most vulnerable time for any hardware is during a power down, move and power up, especially legacy hardware that maybe hasn’t been powered down for a year or more, weak power supplies or disk are often found out during this period.

How many different partners should you engage, our suggestion is as few as possible to ensure continuity of support, look for a partner that is able to work with you proactively to develop a road map that suits your requirements, and provides assurances surrounding each of the areas detailed above.

Procurri is one potential solution provider you may wish to contact which ticks all the boxes. As an active member of the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) Procurri Group are helping to increase customer awareness of just how import it is to build the physical migration and or disposal of IT assets in to ones project and business plan at an early stage of any project life cycle.

In May 2014 Procurri Corporation Pte. Ltd headquartered in Singapore acquired Tinglobal which has helped to further strengthen the Groups Global position with a European addition; with offices and infrastructure now in Europe, North America, Latin America and ASIA (Singapore, Malaysia and China) Procurri are able to deliver imaginative, secure solutions to meet your business needs around the globe.

If you would like to find out more about the Procurri Group and how we could help your business make the right move then please contact Mat Jordan on

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