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FACILITIES energy efficiency + design

QAnd data centre facilities?

A Huawei can provide modular data centre (MDC) solutions and containerised data centre (CDC) solutions - both are integrated, modular and scalable designs. All the components like IT racks, UPS, in-row cooling unit, power distribution, monitoring, securities, protections and isolated cold/hot aisles are integrated in a flexible and reconfigurable way. All the components are designed with state of the art technologies and flexible solution architecture which gives the possibility to tailor the best fit solution for each case at the most effective cost. The cooling system as an integrated part of the Huawei data centre solution, provides more options for different application, in-row, in-room, air-cooled, and chilled water cooled.

QHow do the Huawei solutions discussed above help end users meet the technology challenges they face right now around

issues such as Cloud, virtualisation and convergence, for example?

A For example, Huawei data centre energy solutions enable the end users to build a reliable, efficient and scalable energy

infrastructure, this underpins the centralized or distributed IT infrastructure, and supports the IT business growth smoothly.

QPresumably as they come under the title of ‘network energy’ solutions, Huawei has focused on ensuring optimum energy

efficiency in the technology they offer their customers?

A Yes, technology leading and green energy is our long term strategy. We continually invest in energy efficiency improvement,

from module efficiency, to system efficiency, to site energy efficiency and as well as network energy efficiency, our 98% efficiency rectifier have made Huawei the leading player in telecom power. Huawei 97% efficiency UPS modules are also under development, which will set up a new benchmark for UPS efficiency in the industry The systems of the modular data centre and containerised data centre are also designed to meet the high PUE standard. Our network energy monitoring product NetEco will help customers manage and continually optimise the energy efficiency of their sites and networks.

QDoes Huawei offer any kind of counsulting services as well as a product/solution portfolio?

A Huawei’s strong understanding of ICT and Energy solutions will help our customers by providing consulting services. We

have a global data centre consulting team, this team composed of different areas’ top experts from IT, Energy, Financing, Project Management, etc, and they transfer our successful experiences globally, that means our local customers can benefit from our global experiences and expertises.

QHow successful has Huawei been thus far in terms of establishing itself in the UK data centre market?

A Huawei has already made its presence felt with the winning of a big UPS project with a UK public transportation application in

2014. Huawei has also built a successful modular data centre case for a financial company in UK, as well as the containerised data centre solution in UK. So far, all the Huawei data centre

44 I February 2015

Wenbing Yao joined Huawei UK in 2008. As the director of Strategy and Marketing in Huawei UK, among many other of her remits, she is focusing on the growth of Huawei carrier business as well as the strategic new opportunities for Huawei in the UK and Ireland.

Since the October 2013, she has taken on the responsibility of developing the IT and data centre business in Huawei UK. Prior to Huawei, she held a couple academic positions in the UK. Wenbing received her Ph.D degree in Communication and Information Systems from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, P.R.China, in 2001.

solutions have established references in UK market, and these successful references will drive our business growth in UK at a faster pace in the future.

QWhat more work is there to be done?

A We need to increase Huawei brand awareness in the local market to understand our strategy, solution and the benefits we can deliver helping customers and partners.

We also need to better understand our customers, their challenges, mainpoints and requirements to ensure that our solution fits the local market better.

More over, we need to do is to strengthen our channels in the UK market developing more partners and let them understand what we can achieve together, and how to work as one team which ultimately will help to establish and consolidate the partnership and the market position of both.

QSpecifically, what is Huawei’s Channel footprint to date?

A We already have some IT distributors, we are seeking professional distributors in other sector. we have a number of reseller and certified service providers in IT and transportation sectors, but still need more professional partners.

QHow are you looking to develop this?

A We share our benefits with our customers, partners and provide more support to them, so as to ease their work. We have very strong account teams in the UK, to develop business opportunities which can be fed to our partners and help them to grow with Huawei’s strong solutions and support.

QWhat can we expect from Huawei during 2015 in terms of both the company’s development and technology developments?

A In 2015, we have strengthened our local team, and will provide more support and better services to our existing customers and

partners as well as new ones. Our new 1kVA– 3kVA single phase UPS will be launched this year, to bring more value for our small UPS users.

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