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How We Fund Research

Every year, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada funds progressive and innovative projects that bring together the finest scientific minds to find new approaches and treatments for Crohn’s and colitis. Our highly competitive granting process assigns funding applications to an independent peer review panel of scientific experts and lay reviewers who represent the needs and priorities of our community of stakeholders. Applications are evaluated on scientific merit, relevancy and potential benefit to Crohn’s and colitis patients. “The Grant Review Committee is dedicated to selecting excellent research that addresses the needs of patients and the Crohn’s and colitis community as a whole” says Marla Rosen, a Grant Review Committee lay member and the mother of a child with Crohn’s.

NEED FOR MORE FUNDING 66 30 13 17 $5.4M

Discovery Grant (Grants-in-Aid & Innovations grant)

proposals reviewed in 2013/2014 competition


research proposals eligible

for funding New research

projects Crohn’s and Colitis Canada could afford to fund


research projects that remain unfunded

Cost of unfunded research


Dr. Derek McKay (Chair) University of Calgary

Dr. John Marshall (co-Chair) McMaster University

Dr. Stephen Vanner (Scientific Officer) Queen’s University

Marla Rosen (Lay Reviewer) Marc Steinberg (Lay Reviewer) Ruth Scully (Lay Reviewer)

Dr. Alan Lomax Queen’s University Dr. Anne Griffiths

The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Brian Feagan Robarts Research Institute


Dr. Charles Bernstein University of Manitoba

Dr. Deanna Gibson University of British Columbia

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe University of Guelph

Dr. François Boudreau Université de Sherbrooke

Dr. Geoffrey Nguyen University of Toronto

Dr. Greg Gloor University of Western Ontario

Dr. Hillary Steinhart Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. John Wallace University of Calgary

Dr. Keith Sharkey University of Calgary

Dr. Laura Sly University of British Columbia

Dr. Mathieu Lupien Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Dr. Megan Levings

University of British Columbia Dr. Nicola Jones

The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Paul Moayyedi McMaster University Dr. Peter Ernst

University of California San Diego

Dr. Theodore Steiner University of British Columbia

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