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St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation, Fort Oranje, Oranjestad, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean T: 00 599 318 2433/2107/3081 E: W: St-Eustatius-Tourism




t. Eustatius (Statia), a remote island preserved from mass

tourism with beautiful black sandy volcanic beaches, an unpretentious and un-crowded destination, off ering world class diving and plenty of activities in a unique Caribbean setting. The beautiful sea is all around, so go down and take a dive into the island’s munifi cent underwater marine life, an experience you won’t regret. This historical island was sighted in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. Unaff ected by regional


Size: 11.8 sq miles Currency: US dollar Population: 4,040 Language: English and Dutch Main City: Oranjestad Local Beer: Heineken, Coors Light & Carib Dish of the Day: Stewed goat or seafood

tourism trends and fads Statia is not your average Caribbean island, so close your eyes and imagine the Caribbean about 25 to 30 years ago; unhurried and unspoiled, pristine living and reefs teeming with fi sh. A small guitar-shaped island with

approximately 4000 of the warmest and most welcoming crowd of people in the world. Now open your eyes and discover the beautiful little Caribbean island. Besides its magnifi cant underwater world, Statia is overfl owing with history and breathtaking nature. At the south end a perfectly formed volcano can be found, ‘The Quill’. The Quill has eight diff erent open trails that are


well maintained for a good hiking experience. Tranquil pleasures last the longest! Rest to enjoy the especially pleasant Caribbean climate and the incredible diversity of unspoiled nature. I love my 11.8…

KEY EVENT Celebration of 1776: November 9-16, 2015

Statia commemorates the year 1776, in which St. Eustatius was the fi rst country to recognize the independence of America

Petite St. Eustatius, one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean has a lot to off er. Come and discover the 11.8 square mile island in 72 hours with its world- class diving, rich history and amazing hiking trails. Go for a dive to see an extraordinary world where the largest wrecks in the Caribbean can be found; historical, archaeological dives. Come up for air, explore and experience Statia above water, tranquillity and peace of mind. Overfl owing with history, take walking tours or celebrity island tours and a 600m high green mountain, the Quill National Park, nature in all its glory. There is so much to be seen. St. Eustatius recently won the Best Feature By A Caribbean Journalist (No Anansi Story) award at the CTO’s annual Travel Media Awards, held in New York.

St. Kitts Tourism Authority: 10 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL T: 020 7376 0881 E: W: StKittsTourism @StKittsTourism

mystkitts ST. KITTS



nspoilt St Kitts off ers today’s adventure traveller

a wealth of natural, cultural and historical attractions just waiting to be discovered. Embodying spectacular landscapes and stunning coastlines, the island is renowned for its excellent preservation of its ecosystems, most famously its expanding rainforest, while imposing icons such as Brimstone Hill Fortress and National Park, together with the scenic railway, are a legacy from


Size: 69 sq miles Currency: East Caribbean dollar Population: 34,785 Main City: Basseterre Local Beer: Carib Dish of the Day: Stewed Saltfi sh with spicy plantains, coconut dumplings and seasoned breadfruit

the sugar era off ering memorable experiences for the visitor. With warm weather, miles of beaches and turquoise waters, there are plenty of outdoor adventures from zip lining to quad-biking; hiking to horse-riding while a range of watersports combine skydiving and sailing with snorkelling or diving. There is plenty of relaxation too, with time to enjoy a mixture of local or international cuisine at top restaurants or soak up the island’s culture at beach bars. Music and culture are the lifeblood

of Kittitian life with events ranging from the St. Kitts Music Festival in June to Carnival in December,


blending the spirit of Christmas with local culture, pageants and folklore. Visitors can also access expert

information ‘on the go’ with the free Telegraph Travel App to St. Kitts. Find it here

KEY EVENT St. Kitts Music Festival: June 25-27, 2015

An annual festival of music showcasing a whole range of Caribbean-focussed musical genres

Day 1: Setting the scene with champagne and fi ne dining at Ottley’s Plantation Inn Day 2: A leisurely massage in the rainforest setting of Ottley’s Spa Day 3: Connecting with authentic St. Kitts, discovering history and culture at Brimstone Hill Fortress and Caribelle Batik; enjoying the vibe at Shiggidy Shack Beach Bar. Day 4: A day enjoying watersports at Cockleshell Bay, followed by more food appreciation at The Pavilion Beach Club Day 5: Time to hit the Saturday market for local crafts Day 6: Relaxation – indulging on a catamaran trip to Nevis Day 7: A sumptuous meal at Spice Mill, a beautiful setting which pays homage to the original Amerindian inhabitants. Jackie Michael, MD, Holidays To Feed Your Soul


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