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Martinique Tourism Authority: 2 rue des Moulins, 75001 Paris, France T: 00 33 1 44 77 86 00 E: W: MartiniqueMagnifique

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f Martinique is an island of celebrations, it is equally one of

great food. Creole cuisine abounds in influences from several continents (Africa, India and Europe) that blend wonderfully. There are Creole names for these everyday dishes: tinain lanmori (dried cod and green banana), matoutou (fricasse spiced with crabs) for example. Culinary workshops are now

available in Martinique, for guests who would like to discover the most typical and authentic dishes. Find


Size: 1,100 sq miles Currency: Euro Population: 403,000 Language: French Main City: Fort de France Local Beer: Lorraine Dish of the Day: Colombo of chicken with white rice

out more at Experiencing the other side of

Martinique means going back to the source and daily contact with nature in the North: refreshing rivers, waterfalls, hiking, bird watching, horse riding; and turquoise water all over the island: snorkelling, dolphin watching, stand paddle, kitesurfing, diving … So many activities, landscapes and experiences that will make you enjoy Martinique, and feel being in paradise. Martinique is a magical island: the mythical scents of our flowers, the enchanting rhythms of our native drums and dances, the unique flavour of our gastronomy,


the omnipresence of our inspiring heritage, and a welcoming and generous population; all of these combine to enchant and delight our visitors. Martinique awaits you…

KEY EVENT Carnival: March 1-4, 2015

Martinique is animated with the rhythm of parades and becomes for a few days a whirlwind of colours

Visit ‘La Route Du Rhum’ (the Rum Route) – a trip through the history of sugar cane and rum. Martinique has 11 distilleries, seven still in operation and producing rum from pressed sugar cane juice. All rums produced in Martinique have the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) label, the world’s only rums to have been awarded the prestigious French label! This rum is a high-end alcoholic drink, which shows that the soils and skills of Martinicans constitute real value added. The distilleries: Clément (François), Depaz (Saint-Pierre), Dillon (Fort-de- France), Habitation Saint-Etienne (Gros-Morne), J.M. (Macouba), La Favorite (Le Lamentin), La Mauny (Rivière-Pilote), Neisson (Carbet), Rhum Bally (Gros-Morne), Saint-James (Sainte-Marie), Trois Rivières (Sainte-Luce).

Montserrat Tourist Board: P.O. Box 7, Little Bay, Montserrat. T: 001 664 491 2230 or 8730 E: W: islandofmontserrat @VolcanoIsland




Caribbean Treasure, ‘Spectacular by Nature’ is the hallmark of

Montserrat, just 27 miles or a short 20 minutes’ flight from Antigua. The island combines breathtaking vistas and some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean with unique festivals and other events. There is also a distinctive blend of cuisine and varied accommodation options alongside an active volcano. A soon-to-be-built town centre in

Carrs/Little Bay will offer residential and commercial activity. Still a British Territory, Montserrat has hosted stars like Paul McCartney,


Size: 40 sq miles Currency: East Caribbean dollar Population: 5,028 Main City: Brades Local Beer: Carib Dish of the Day: Goat water (goat stew)

Elton John, Stevie Wonder amongst others who came to the island in the 1980s to record their music at Air Studios, built by former Beatles producer, Sir George Martin. Montserrat remains a haven for

nature enthusiasts with its many hiking trails and dive/snorkel sites. Other activities include fishing, bird watching, turtle watching and views of the active Soufriere Hills Volcano and buried villages. Montserrat also showcases a number

of festivals. It links its African and Irish Ancestry by combining the St. Patrick’s Festival with an African Music Festival in March. There is also the Calabash Festival in July, the Volcano

- ITINERARY - Recently-built Marine Village in Little Bay

Half Marathon and the Literary Festival in November/December. The star attraction is the year-end Festival in December/January. A GoMNI App is available.


St. Patrick’s Festival & African Music Festival: March 8 – 17 2015 A week-long celebration highlighting Montserrat’s local culture and Irish heritage. March 17 is a public holiday

Exhale as you feel the island breeze and realise you have stumbled on a beautiful, tranquil gem. An island tour is a must to discover the island’s treasures. See the devastation caused by the volcano, including the buried capital of Plymouth. A boat tour round the island allows views of Plymouth and other areas; this coupled with diving and/or fishing is a rewarding experience. Your tour guide will highlight our rich history including St. Patrick’s Day and why it is a public holiday here. Walking shoes are essential as a hike or bird watching tour on one of our world class trails is a must. Enjoy our national dish, goat water, then catch up on the gossip at one of the several watering holes. Relaxation can include a picnic and swim at one of our black sand beaches or at the only white sand beach of Rendezvous.


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