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Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board: 23-25, rue du Champ de l’Alouette, 75013 Paris, France T: 00 33 (0)1 40 62 99 07 E: W: GuadeloupeIslands





asse-Terre, Grande-Terre, La Désirade, Les Saintes, Marie-

Galante, more than just a single travel destination, the Guadeloupe Islands are well known for the diversity of their breathtaking scenery and their distinctive Créole Art de Vivre. Popular with beach lovers, the Islands of Guadeloupe are also perfect for divers, golfers, and offer an amazing rainforest for hikers.


Size: 660 sq. miles Currency: Euro Population: 451,000 inhabitants Language: The official language is French. English is spoken in tourist areas; Creole is ever-present in daily life Main City: Basse-Terre, historical and administrative capital and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe’s commercial centre Dish of the Day: Queen conch fricassée served with rice and red beans

The Guadeloupe Islands enjoy a mix of African-Caribbean, French and Indian influences that can be observed everyday and all year round in culture, cuisine and celebrations! Créole cuisine has an exotic array

of colours, flavours and aromas. The culinary art of the Guadeloupe Islands has become over the years one of the most refined in the Caribbean. The Guadeloupe Islands boast

quality hotels, private villas, resorts with spas and friendly family-run inns as well as a newly refurbished 18 hole international golf course in Saint-François. Caribbean and French, the

Guadeloupe Islands stand out from other Caribbean Isles. Due to this original duality, a memorable holiday is almost certainly guaranteed! Be our guest! Come and join us! Vous serez les bienvenus!

KEY EVENT La Fête des Cuisinières: The Cooks Festival: August 10, 2015

A picturesque festival celebrating the Créole Cuisine and the 300 ‘cordon bleu’ cooks striving for its promotion


1. Climb up to La Soufrière Volcano, the highest peak in the Lesser Antilles 2. Visit the Aquarium and then swim with tropical fish at La Réserve Cousteau 3. Savour a generous French- Créole déjeuner 4. Try your swing on the International Golf Course 5. Laze in the sun on one of the islands’ magnificient shores meanwhile tasting a ‘Sorbet Coco’ or a ‘Tourment d’Amour’ 6. Visit one of the islands’ numerous rum distilleries and take ‘La Route du Rhum’! 7. Try your luck in our Casino Royal 8. Stroll among the packed stalls of our busy markets 9. Hike in the Guadeloupe Natural Park and stop at La Cascade aux Ecrevisses for a refreshing splash 10. Take a speed boat to Paradise and discover Terre-de-Haut Bay

Guyana Tourism Authority: National Exhibition Centre, Sophia, Georgetown, Guyana T: 00 592 219 0094-6 E: W: GuyanaTheAmazonAdventure @TourismGuyana




uyana – a South American country with a Caribbean flair

teeming with natural beauty and friendly people! With a dual identity, the country offers an abundance of activities to satisfy every interest, from a quiet stroll along its tree-lined avenues to trekking through the endless stretch of verdant forests. Land of the Giants; Big River

Country; Best Kept Secret in South America; Land of Many Waters...


Size: 214,970 sq km Currency: Guyanese Dollars Population: 741,908 (July 2012 est.) Language: English Main City: Georgetown Main Towns: Georgetown, Anna Regina, Corriverton, New Amsterdam, Rose Hall, Linden Local Beer: Banks Beer Dish of the Day: Cookup rice

the destination is renowned for offering visitors unique experiences and priceless memories with a mix of rich indigenous culture, natural attractions , authentic cuisine, rugged landscape, pristine forests, warm people and a myriad of multi- cultural, multi-ethnic events. From the lure of its golden beaches littering the landscape, to the irresistible pull of the interior locations with undulating mountain passes and endless savannahs, opportunities abound for the perfect vacation where relaxation, adventure, discovery and romance can be found in one location. This award-winning destination


has also been recognised for its promotion of Sustainable Tourism where the hinterland communities embrace a low carbon lifestyle and share their experiences. Come Experience, Explore and Enjoy.

KEY EVENT Mashramani ‘Mash’: February 23, 2015

The most colourful, dynamic, cultural festival in Guyana, celebrated annually

This Wilderness Explorer’s Itinerary propelled Guyana onto National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World 2014’ list. 16 days of river exploration, mountain climbing, and sightseeing will introduce you to Guyana’s rich culture and pristine environment. This itinerary focuses on small and out of the way eco lodges owned and operated by Amerindian Villages; Surama, at the base of Pakaraima Mountains in the Iwokarama Rainforest, Rewa at the confluence of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers, Nappi in the Kanuku foothills and Yupukari on the Rupunnuni Savannah with an important Caiman conservation project. “It was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done. It really makes you understand how much you do not need on a daily basis.” American Actor, Channing Tatum



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