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Mowrer (right) with World Cup USA Prone Rifl e gold medalist Henri Junghaenel of Germany and silver medalist Gang Liu of China.

said. “The rifl e is kind of a conglomerate – quite a few people’s hands are part of the rifl e. (U.S. teammate Matt) Emmons is one of the biggest ones who helped me put the rifl e together and set me up with the equipment. I really used his expertise to make a rifl e that shot well.”

Practiced and prepared,

Mowrer was still nervous entering Qualifi cation. Once he realized he had fi nished in seventh place and secured a spot in the Finals, the emotions began to set in. “I was quivering. I was

really excited. The only thing I can compare it to is like when I made the Olympic Team – nervous, but kind of really happy; a run of weird emotions and there’s just the turmoil of not knowing. Once I knew, once every- thing was said and done [in Qualifi cation], it was like ‘Okay, calm down’ and it was almost instantly – phew, now let’s go shoot a Final. I got a shot at medals now so let’s go get some freakin’ medals.” Watch the ISSF TV

highlights from the match – Mowrer went toe-to-toe with the best competitors in the world. As each competitor was introduced, a box with a list of his international ac- complishments and medals in Prone were shown below each competitor’s name. The box below Mowrer’s name was blank. Normally reserved on the line, Mowrer excitedly pumped his fi st in the air following his third-place fi nish. “I went in with the ut- most confi dence but in the back of your mind you’re like ‘I’m not prepared to do this, I don’t have everything these shooters have.’ To go in there and win bronze – yeah, I wanted gold, I wanted gold bad – but to come out with a medal, a bronze, I was super happy, I was excited because for crying out loud, I just beat Warren Potent (AUS) – phenomenal Prone shooter who has umpteen thousand accomplishments in Prone and I just beat him in a Final. Heck yeah I’m going to celebrate that.” Bombarded by well-

48 USA Shooting News | May 2014

wishers following the match, Mowrer said he couldn’t even make it to all the competitors to shake their hands and congratulate them.

“Henri [Junghaenel –

Prone gold medalist and ISSF Shooter of the Year] told me – because I actually made it to him to shake his hand – he’s like ‘Congratu- lations. Man, that was great shooting. The whole time you were giving me motiva- tion. I was just lying there, executing the hardest shots I could possibly execute because there’s no way I’m letting a pistol shooter beat me!’” Mowrer’s bronze-medal win also gives him the ad- ditional points to receive his U.S. Distinguished International Shooter Badge through the Civilian Marks- manship Program. Mowrer also won the Distinguished Rifl eman Badge from the Civilian Marksmanship Program before he was 16 years old and received his Distinguished Pistol Badge this past year. At age 26, CMP offi cials believe he is the youngest shooter to be-

come Triple Distinguished. Mowrer hopes to once again represent the U.S. internationally in pistol AND rifl e and will have to qualify for the chance to do so at the U.S. World Champion- ship Selection Match back in Fort Benning in May. “I don’t plan on letting either one go at this point; that’s just not me. I can’t focus on just one, I’m too ADD for that,” Mowrer said. “My focus is still going to be pistol; I still want a medal at the Olympics in 50m Free Pistol, that’s what I actually love to do. Going to keep fi ghting for that, but now that I have a little more sup- port from USA Shooting and, well, everyone, and it makes it a little easier to also shoot rifl e and be a little more diverse working with both of the disciplines.”

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