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Wingshooting USA and TruckVault Set to Partner with USA Shooting

Five groups including USA

USA Shooting Names Finals Range in Honor of David F. Ridenour

USA Shooting and partic-

ipants of the 2014 National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC) honored the late David F. Ridenour with a Finals Hall Range at the Olympic Shooting Center in Colo- rado Springs, Colo. Athletes making fi nals of any airgun competition in the future will now shoot at the David F. Ridenour Finals Range. The Finals Range was a special gift provided to USA Shooting by the Ridenour family in memory of Da- vid, who made a name for himself in the rifl e events during the early 1980s. His family, including wife, Marge, and father, Donald, were on hand as the Fi- nals Hall was unveiled prior to the start of the Men’s 10-meter Air Rifl e Finals event of the NJOSC. Ride- nour passed away suddenly in 2010 after suffering a brain aneurysm. Ridenour is remem-

bered for his giving spirit and it’s only fi tting that a Finals Hall for the sport he

loved will help both past and present USA Shooting Team members remember him. As a standout rifl e competitor at West Virginia University, Ridenour was the fi rst collegiate shooter ever to be named NRA All- American four consecutive times in Air and Smallbore Rifl e. He helped lead WVU to a 45-2 record while win- ning two national titles and fi nishing second twice dur- ing his four-year collegiate career.

In addition, he

represented USA Shoot- ing Teams in Germany in 1983 and 1984 and was a two-time National Develop- ment Team member. His teammates at West Virginia included USA Shooting’s Director of Operations David Johnson as well as four-time Olympian and 2004 Olym- pic silver medalist Mike Anti, now an assistant coach at the United States Air Force Academy. The David F. Ridenour Finals Range is another in a long line of improvements made to the USA Shooting

Complex in the past year. All airgun competitors now shoot on electronic targets after the facility underwent a massive range upgrade to improve its competitor ca- pabilities, improve lighting and enhance the spectator experience. The upgraded range is a testament to USA Shooting’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for its athletes. The upgrade would not have been possible without a large amount of generous donations and several very long days put in by USAS staff members and volun- teers.

The new Finals Hall des-

ignates 10 fi ring points spe- cifi cally to be used by the fi nals competitors compet- ing in airgun events includ- ing rifl e and pistol. The area includes special signage and elevates both athlete and spectator experience, and it helps mimic what competitors encounter at some of the best ranges in the world.

Shooting will share in the funds and national publicity provided via Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA television series in the third annual “TruckVault Cares … for conserva- tion, canines & kids … presented by Paw Print Genetics” initiative. Linden uses the initiative to pro-

mote conservation, gundog rescue, youth hunting and related issues every week through the most inter- active television vehicle on the air. Groups receive exposure through a national television commercial and in-show features as well as in social media and each others’ pub- lications and websites. Benefi ciary group members use social media to urge friends and supporters to vote for their organization; every group “wins,” because funds are awarded proportionally to the num- ber of votes each receives. Voting begins July 1 and runs through De- cember 2014 at truckvaultcares. com and the TruckVault


Facebook page. The most-watched upland hunt-

ing show in the country and offi cial series of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA is “the good show that does good.” Broad- cast seven days per week on seven networks including Discovery’s Destination America, Wingshoot- ing USA is motivating current and future upland hunters with award- winning production. Executive producer and host Linden brings a passionate participant’s perspec- tive to the most exciting fi eld sport.

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