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The future of enclosures... Design your own?

bespoke applied to stock materials. Printing, using either silk screen or

digital methods is offered along with inlays and engraving to ensure your fab- ricated enclosure has


Smartboxx is now offering you the option of being able to design your own enclosure solution, with the ability to alter the design at any stage


f I offered you an enclosure solution, with a design process driven by you, with assistance from an experienced engineer, what would you say?

A seamless transition from prototyp- ing, through pre-production batches, into full manufacturing, with the ability to alter the design at any stage to take into account your requirements. The Smartboxx process offers you the option of designing your own solu- tion without resorting to expensive tooling or being constrained by existing moulded enclosures requiring customi- sation. We offer a real alternative to metal enclosures whilst suggesting design features to give your product a ‘professional’ look.

Our technical staff begin the process with your Enclosure Specification and Design. Every enclosure has one or more critical features they will include which will influence how your prod- uct is going to be perceived or the environment it will be used in. IP ratings and closure methods are taken into account at an early stage. Simple electronics enclosures can be designed, prototyped and volume manu- factured in a matter of days. ‘Off the shelf’ designs can be modified in min- utes to give different DIN Rail mounting or flange fixing options.

‘The Smartboxx process offers you the option of

designing your own solution without resorting to

expensive tooling or being constrained by existing moulded enclosures requiring customisation’

Label recesses, feature engraving are optional. lines and

factor is that this process is driven by you, we are facilitating the design and manufacture of your enclosure.


unique branding to distinguish your product from those in a moulded box. The design can be prototyped immediately and be instantly avail- able for field testing and customer feedback. This prototype is manufac- tured using the same technology used for volume production. At this stage we will have the oppor-

tunity to ensure we can maximise cost efficiencies and offer quotations before you have made any commitment. Progressing into full manufacture is as simple as ‘signing off’ your design and agreeing a delivery date. Once in production, alterations can be made to take into account customer’s changing requirements, component redundancy and technology upgrades. It’s a simple system operated with a couple of key points in mind. We are acutely aware that in the cur- rent design and manufacturing environ- ment, engineers, design professionals and their clients value flexibility. The ability to react to changing specifica- tions and customer demands is built into our process. A fabricated plastic enclosure can be

Internal coating can be specified and

your design adapted to achieve EMC compliance. Our sheet stock includes UL rated HIPS and UL listed ABS suited to Medical Device housings. Acrylics, PETG and Polycarbonates are utilised for viewing windows and light pipes. Composite materials are regularly

Complex housing ranges suitable for

Medical Devices are undertaken on a regular basis with stringent regulatory requirements met, utilising fully compli- ant materials and an ISO 9001 Quality Assured manufacturing facility. Cut outs can be positioned, removable

panels with various fixing methods are easily available, and component fixing requirements are offered. The critical


utilised to produce Point of Sale/ Information Kiosks for the retail, and access control markets. Design staff work constantly to ensure

the enclosure solutions that are offered meet the ‘kerb appeal’ test. External paint finishes are often applied at this stage with colour matched material being available on short lead times in small production batch sizes. Matches can be made to specified RAL numbers or swatches. Laminated finishes offer a

During Southern Manufacturing 2014 visitors will have the opportunity to view prototypes of new Development board and Modular enclosure ranges.

Smartboxx Enter 260 T: 01842 766557 WINTER/SPRING 2014 Enclosure & Panel Building Solutions

designed to a budget. Recent improve- ments in methods and significant ongo- ing investment of purpose built CNC folding equipment and machining cen- tres have been made. This has enabled what was once thought of as a luxury choice to be cost effective in comparison to both simple DIN rail mounted enclosures through to complex plastic mouldings and sheet metal fabrications. Whilst it must be recognised that fabricated plastic doesn’t provide every enclosure solution it can offer the one which is right for you.

appearance which can be

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