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Feature Fire resistant enclosures

Protecting critical safety systems


s well as being the Swedish National Football team’s new stadium, the ‘Friends Arena’ will also be used by Swedish league team, AIK, and for other purposes including music concerts and Speedway racing. The €300 million stadium, which took three years to build, has a retractable roof and can seat up to 50,000 spectators, with a capacity of 65,000 for music events, which makes it the largest stadium and indoor venue in all of the Nordic countries.

In the event of an emergency it is essential that everyone within the stand has enough time to evacuate. As a result, the wiring for emer- gency systems such as lights, alarms and smoke extractors needs to be protected using fire resistant enclosures. For this, the stadium’s builders approached Spelsberg ELS for an enclosure solution capable of protecting the wiring from fire for up to 90 minutes.

Meeting fire regulations

Chris Lloyd, managing director of Spelsberg UK, said: “Meeting EU fire regulations is one of the toughest challenges for designing a new build- ing. Critical safety systems, such as building fire alarms and emergency lighting, must operate for at least 30 minutes when exposed to external fire. Other systems such as water pressurising plants for the supply of extinguishing water, ventilators and lifts have to remain functioning for a minimum of 90 minutes. We were approached to supply our WKE enclosures as they meet the protection requirements for emergency systems.” Spelsberg has a range of over 4,000 standard product designs, most of which are suitable for its in-house CNC customisation services. For this application it recommended the WKE 2 IP65 enclosures, which are available in two configurations: one x 5-pole or one x 3-pole terminal blocks. WKE units come with pre- drilled entry points and fire resistant IP68 dome topped cable glands.

Many sporting venues and arenas are now being designed with retractable roofs to allow events to continue in poorer weather, but these can increase the risk in the case of fire or other emergencies due to the build up of smoke. With emergency lighting systems essential for a safe and complete evacuation, the enclosures specified need to offer suitable protection to the wiring inside. Spelsberg explains

The enclosures allow for simple installation and offer both E30 and E90 fire resis- tance in accordance with DIN 4102/12.

The range is manufactured from orange (RAL 2004) halo- gen free duroplastic, which offers lower smoke emissions and ingress protection IP54

or IP65 to EN60670. The units are available in five different sizes that range from 100 x 100 x 50mm to 278 x 208 x 107mm and come complete with IP54 cable entry accessories. Each junction box is rated at 450 V and features integral, high temperature ceramic terminals, suitable for conductors from 0.5mm2 up to 6mm2. Chris Lloyd continues: "For such a high profile application, and one with such a large crowd capacity, safety really does have to be the priority. The WKE junction boxes offer the level of protection that was required for the emer- gency lighting system. We design all our enclosures to allow for easy installation and offer a wide variety of dimensions and cable entry options to ensure that no compromise is necessary between an system’s original design and its specification."

Spelsberg Enter 271

For this application Spelsberg

recommended the WKE 2 IP65 enclosures

The wiring for

emergency systems such as lights, alarms and smoke extractors needed to be protected using fire resistant enclosures

IP69K enclosures offer protection from water and steam

protection from water and steam ingress. The new enclosures are IP69K rated – a high pressure, high temperature wash down rating which provides complete protection against contact with internal electronic or electrical components, full protection against infiltration of dust, and protection from high pressure water jets or steam jet cleaning (80–100 bar). Features of the range include silicon gaskets and they


are available in a stainless steel brush surface finish or zinc coated mild steel powder coated to RAL 7035. A range of standard sizes are available including

Enclosure & Panel Building Solutions WINTER/SPRING 2014

ernstein has introduced a new range of high specification enclosures in response to demand from industries requiring

100 x 100 x 75mm, 150 x 150 x 80mm and 200 x 100 x 100mm. In addition, the enclosures can also be produced in customised sizes, designed to suit individual needs. Managing director, Rob Emms, commented: “We are constantly listening to our customers to find out what products will make a significant difference to their operations. It became clear that providing a range of IP69K rated enclosures would be beneficial to a number of our clients across a variety of sectors including food processing, vehicle building and pharmaceutical.” Bernstein

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