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FEATURES Robust enclosures...

5. Chronos Technology has developed a new and highly accurate handheld jammer detector, with a robust Retex enclosure ensuring protection in the field

Industry standards...

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8. Rittal examines the new IEC 61439-2 standard, which will come into force later this year, and discusses its effects on the low voltage switchgear industry


13. The introduction of a ‘one subrack platform fits all’ approach is offering designers greater flexibility in design and construction

Component protection...

14. To help protect electrical and electronic equipment, Brownell now provides a range of moisture adsorbing solutions such as static and panel-mounted desiccants, as well as technologies designed to maintain safe working pressures within enclosures

Inspection windows...

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17. Incorporating electrical maintenance safety devices such as polymer windows into enclosures and panels at the point of manufacture mean inspection tasks later on can be carried out safely

Panel building...

18. Bespoke control panels built to precise individual requirements have been created for a number of projects, including in the demanding oil and gas sector, thanks to Brammer’s new customisation service

Bespoke enclosures...

20. Bespoke enclosures from Armagard are being used in Stonehenge’s new visitor centre to protect the 60in screens used to display tourist information

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Access hardware...

21. When it needed lever latches for the external locker doors of its mobile cranes, off-highway equipment manufacturer, Liebherr, turned to Southco for a solution that would withstand dust, humidity and extremes of temperature

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23. With emergency lighting systems essential for a safe and complete evacuation, the enclosures specified need to offer suitable protection to the wiring inside

TECHNOLOGY FILE 25. Robust hinged door ABS enclosures

Enclosure & Panel Building Solutions WINTER/SPRING 2014

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Taking control of bespoke panel design


How to combat the threat of GPS jamming

The future of enclosures... Design your own?

COMPONENT PROTECTION: Enclosing the answer to reducing moisture levels COVER STORY

Smartboxx is now offering you the option of being able to design your own enclosure solution, with the ability to alter the design at any stage

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