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Feature Panel building

Taking control of bespoke panel design

Bespoke control panels built to

precise individual requirements have been created for a number of projects, including in the demanding oil and gas sector, thanks to Brammer’s new customisation service

A broad range of customised control panels can be produced at the new facility in Ireland

exactly, with customisation resulting in panels that suit precise individual requirements. One such customisa- tion service is now provided by Brammer, following the creation of a dedicated control systems department in Ireland which has already been used for a number of projects. At the facility, dedicated engineers specialist

T and equipment have

combined to enable a broad range of customised control panels – for machinery ranging from individual motors and drives to large production equipment – to be designed and built on site. Equipment here includes, for example, pedestal drills, label printers, grinding and deburring tools, hydraulic presses and pneumatic tapping tools. The bespoke panel building service has resulted in the company securing contracts from customers in a variety of industry areas, including Halliburton in the global oil and gas sector. Here, Brammer is using its in-house capabili- ties to deliver a range of customised control panels for tanks.

Customised solutions

Each of the vessels used for the transportation process from offshore rigs typically accommodates up to 16 tanks. The panels produced by Brammer control the operation of the


he development of bespoke control panels offers many benefits by ensuring the solution meets application demands

pumps which help to transport the tank contents by passing air through the tank interior, as well as managing the filling and emptying of the tanks. The tanks are equipped with chambers and process valves, all controlled from the ATEX-rated stainless steel panel. Each of the two designs of panel can

takes eight to ten hours to construct. As well as the North Sea, the tanks and panels

are being supplied to

exploration projects run by the likes of BP and Shell as far afield as Italy, Russia and the Middle East.

These are designed to operate in the demanding environment of oil and gas extraction, with a robust,

corrosion-resistant design able to protect against the effects of salt water; laser-engraved text due to the propen- sity of labels to detach and melt in very hot conditions; and automatic shut-off. Integrated timers allow the panels to run in automatic mode or manual mode, while the panels also incorporate heavy-duty SMC lever valves which are again ideally suited for use in extreme weather conditions. Per Stale Grude of Halliburton com- mented: “Our tanks require a precise yet robust control panel and Brammer was able to combine the most suitable components in a bespoke design which allows for easy and rapid control. We are currently commissioning around 40 panels per annum from Brammer but anticipate significant further growth to meet customer demand.” Francie Gill, technical specialist – control panels and pneumatics


Brammer Ireland, said: “This is an exciting project for us and confirms the capability of our in-house panel build- ing team to meet the exacting demands of leading global players. The project demands not just precision control but a high degree of robustness given the environments in which the equipment is operating.”


ew from Murrelektronik are USB 3.0 pass-throughs, which are designed for fast and easy data import and export from the control in the cabinet. With the range, it is not necessary to open the doors – so the MSDD

Enter 267

Easy to install USB 3.0 pass-throughs introduced N

pass-throughs guarantee that the protection degree of the cabinet remains the same. This ensures electrical safety because the machine operator cannot touch conducting components. Of benefit, the pre-assembled pass-throughs are easily installed – they are simply inserted into standard cut-outs with a diameter of 22.5mm. In addition, they are designed with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology. In form A they are completely backward compatible; and data up to 5Gbits can be transferred in one second. The pass-throughs are designed for full duplex data transfer and for a current load of up to 900mA. For Ethernet networks, MSDD pass-throughs are available as RJ45 models (type female/female). Murrelektronik

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