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Products Technology file Instrument cases offer ‘infinite scalability’

A new Type 15i instrument case that is scalable in all three dimensions (H x W x D) is now available from Elma Electronic. With virtually infinite scalability, the enclosure can be sized to house instruments or small portable devices, explains the company.

The aluminum bottom, front and rear panels are made from a single aluminium piece, eliminating the need for additional parts and allow- ing for easy access to the inside of the case. In addition, the sleek design, including sturdy, die-cast zinc corners that round off the edges, hides all of the assembly hardware. The case also provides design flexibility, including easy conversion from a desktop to 19” rack-mount enclosure, and can be EMC shielded as an option. Elma Electronic

for enclosures Most electronic enclosures need some form of air ventilation, but if

Ventilation solution

this is an RFI/EMI shielded enclosure then the overall shield- ing effectiveness of the enclosure can be compromised. For high performance requirements, wave- guides – which can be circular, rectangular or honeycomb shaped – provide shielding over a wide frequency range. The

principle is that of

‘Waveguide beyond cutoff’. The honeycomb vent is a series of tubes that acts as a waveguide, guiding electromagnetic waves into or out of the enclosure, but as the tubes are long enough then it attenuates those waves. Typically the tube should be at least three times as long as the diameter, so a 3.18mm cell should be 12.7mm long. The most cost effective is alu- minium honeycomb and a typical shielded enclosure will use two hon- eycomb ventilation panels – one as the inlet and one for the exhaust. Kemtron’s stan- dard honeycomb vent uses two layers of 3.18mm

cell x 6.4mm thick laid at 90˚, known as cross cell. Cross cell honeycomb improves shielding performance by eliminating any polarizing effects. The company’s standard finish for aluminium vent the RoHS

(Kempass) panels

fully meets

directive and applies perman- ganate passivation which is a chromate free, inorganic and non toxic coating. Kemtron

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Robust hinged door ABS enclosures A range of hinged door enclosures have been developed by DE Controls, the manufacturing arm of Hylec-APL, that offer a similar degrees of impact resistance to metal enclosures of similar sizes. The enclosures, which are available in eight sizes, are in flame retardant ABS with wall thicknesses of up to 3.5mm which offers impact resistance of IK08 (protection against impacts with an energy up to five joules). The enclosures are also able to offer protection

from continual

exposure to external conditions, IP65 protection from dust and

moisture ingress and use high quality seals and hinges. Other benefits of specifying plastic enclosures rather than metal include the reduced unit costs and installation times. Hylec-APL

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