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This Life

Following his keynote at new European music industry conference Innovation in Music, Jake Young spoke with Jake Gosling about his process and what’s next for the award-winning producer.

You’re a producer, songwriter, remixer, manager, publisher, and studio owner. Do you spend as much time as you would like on each role? I work with different people, so with the publishing side I work with a girl called Sarah Liversedge who is a full- time publisher. She’s got a team of people as well who do A&R and stuff like that. It’s about having support networks around, so it’s not just myself doing everything, otherwise I think I would be dead. On the management side, I work with Adam Coleman. The producing I do myself, unless I co-produce with someone else, but it tends to be just me, and again songwriting will be collaborative with different people.

Which artists have been your favourite to work with? It’s a really hard one because I’ve actually enjoyed all the experiences with each of them. They all bring different things to the table and that’s why I work with them. If I didn’t like them then I wouldn’t do it.

Audio Media sister title Music Week named you top producer of 2012. Was 2013 another successful year for you? It was, yeah. It was awesome. I worked with Christina Perri on her album, which comes out later this year. A lot of stuff I did in 2013 is

50 January 2014

coming out this year, so I didn’t really have that much stuff out last year, but I did a lot of work that will come out for 2014. It was a busy year but it was really good and I’m looking forward to getting the new stuff I’ve done out for people to hear it.

What was it like working with songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder on One Direction album Midnight Memories? It was really weird because with technology now we never actually met – it was all done through a few emails. I was in Amsterdam with the boys and Ryan had done a track and he was like ‘could Jake do some production stuff on it?’ and I was like ‘yeah, I can, that’s fine, love to’. So, yeah, it worked out really well, and he’s a genius songwriter.

Who is in your Sticky Studios at the moment? I’ve just finished an album with The Original Rudeboys, an Irish band whose first album I did, which has been a real laugh, good fun. I’m writing with Chloe Howl, who was nominated for the Brits Critics’ Choice Award. I’ve just got some writing with a girl called Max Marshall who’s another new artist. So a bit of writing really, and finishing off a couple of things. One more song with Christina I’ve got to finish off,

Nina Nesbitt’s album’s done and then I start a new album with a guy called Taylor Berrett.

choices to be honest with you. I like all three of them. There are differences between them as well. There’s always great new music, it’s whether or not it connects with everyone and all the rest of it.

“It’s about having support networks around, so it’s not just myself doing everything otherwise I think I would be dead.” Jake Gosling

What did you think of the BRITs Critics’ Choice nominees this year? I think Sam Smith’s awesome. I think he’s got an amazing voice. Chloe Howl again is brilliant. Ella Eyre’s awesome. I think they’re really good


Hosted by the University of York and York St John University, the first Innovation in Music (InMusic’13), took place on 4-6 December in York, England. Other keynote speakers included Crispin Murray, formerly of

Metropolis Studios, and TC Electronic’s Thomas Lund.

What’s your current studio set-up? I’ve got an Avalon compressor, which I use for pretty much all my vocals and guitars. I’ve got a Prism pre, four-channel, which I use for my acoustics, that mics two SE Electronics SE4400as. I’ve got a Telefunken AK47 as my vocal mic. I don’t have a desk anymore; I’ve just got the Mackie Big Knob, which goes down well with the girls. I’ve got John Lennon’s speakers. They came from Trident Studios. And I’ve got some new Focals, the Focal Twins. They’ve got the bass sub that’s in the speaker on the top as well.

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