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NAMM Heats Up

As the pro-audio industry prepares for a few days in the Anaheim sun, we take a look at what’s hot at this year’s NAMM Show.

RUNNING FROM23-26 January at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, this year’s NAMM Show will bring together the latest in pro- audio technology along with the chance to network and enjoy a whole host of live music performances and guest appearances. The day before the event a pre-show

party will be held at the GoPro Stage on the Grand Plaza between 6pm and 7.30pm featuring Bernie Williams and

Gil Parris. The live music continues once the show opens its doors with Shocka Zooloo bassist TM Stevens being joined live on stage by friends such as Grammy Award-winning drummer Ricky Lawson daily at 5pm on the KLOTZ stage in Showroom 210C, Mezzanine Level 2.

TECHNOLOGY While many companies are keeping tight-lipped until the show’s opening

day, a few companies have let slip what they will be showing this year. As well as revealing new products,

Audio-Technica will be showing its recently released BP894 MicroSet subminiature cardioid condenser headworn microphone. Featuring a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator and perfect polar pattern placement the MicroSet BP894 allows the cardioid capsule to be aimed directly at the sound source. B&C will be showing its 8NDL64

woofer. Incorporating a 2.5in copper voice coil, this new 8in woofer features a 350W nominal power rating, which is 70% more than B&C’s typical 2in voice coil woofers. The double roll surround design also uses a shorting copper cap for extended high- frequency performance and a ventilated voice coil gap for reduced power compression. With low distortion, a well-behaved frequency response from 80-4,000Hz, and a respectable 97dB sensitivity, the neodymium magnet 8NDL64 is intended to be a versatile addition to the B&C line. Blue Mics has announced details of a

new small-diaphragm condenser microphone named Hampton. Designed for live and studio applications, Hampton features Blue’s B1 small-diaphragm, cardioid condenser capsule. Measuring less than 8in tall with a rotating head, it is designed for optimal placement and convenient adjustment. Studiomaster is debuting numerous new products at NAMM 2014, where

the company will occupy its largest ever exhibition stand. The new Studiomaster Venture Series is described as an ultra- light, high-power, high-performance PA series, comprising 12in and 15in two- way cabinets, and a matched 18in sub; available in both 1,000W active and passive models. Two other major new Studiomaster

product series at NAMM are the final production versions of the Horizon powered and passive professional portable mixers and the Starlight combined stage-sound and lighting cabinets.

AWARDS As part of this year’s Winter NAMM Show H.O.T Zone, 10 of the top pro- audio inventions of the past century will be inducted into the ninth NAMM Foundation TECnology Hall of Fame. “Modern-day audio and recording

professionals all have the early fathers of invention to thank for superior creativity and breakthrough ideas that allow for 21st century innovations,” said George Petersen, TECnology Hall of Fame chairman. “It is both beneficial and important to honour these early pioneers who made significant contributions that continue to be heard all around the world.” This year’s inductees range from the

first practical audio amplifier from Western Electric in 1915, through to the 1964 Studer J37 four-track recorder (used for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) as well as the 1984 Klark Teknik DN360 graphic EQ, 1991 Genelec 1031A active studio monitor, and the 1998 Royer Labs R-121 ribbon microphone.

Studiomaster will launch its Venture Series of PAs 14 January 2014

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