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With such a great variety of frequency, power, and size options available, customers can easily choose a studio monitor that fits their specification and budget requirements.

The Adam Audio A77X powered studio monitor distinguishes itself with transparent clarity, high compression-free sound pressure levels, and a significant dynamic range. As with all models of the AX series, the A77X features Adam’s proprietary X-ART tweeter, which is manufactured by hand at the company’s Berlin headquarters and has a frequency response up to 50kHz. Combining the X-ART tweeter with two 7in woofers creates the ability to produce high sound pressure levels as well as a wide frequency response. Each of the A77X’s 7in drivers has its own dedicated 100W Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) amplifier while the X-ART tweeter is powered by a 50W A/B amplifier for clean, distinct high frequency.

Built to provide the performance of main monitors in a near-field position, the Barefoot MM27’s approach consists of a three-way speaker design with integrated side-facing subs. Now in their second iteration, the Barefoot MM27 Gen 2 incorporates new technology developed by Barefoot for its flagship MiniMain MM12. This includes a 1in ring radiator tweeter powered by an advanced neodymium motor, new Hypex amplification, analogue and AES3 inputs, and brand new DSP technology which offers four ‘voices’ including ‘Old School’ (NS10 type), ‘Cube’ (Auratones- like) and ‘Hi-Fi’ modes, all selectable from a dedicated remote control. The result is a

more immersive performance with a more accurate stereo image. For smaller studios, the Barefoot MM35 Gen2 provides similar performance in a two-way design.

ATC’s SCM25A studio monitors are the manufacturer’s most compact three-way studio monitoring loudspeaker system. They are designed to offer the balance, resolution, and reliability of ATC’s larger three-way systems but in a more affordable and compact package better suited to smaller control rooms,

production suites, and broadcast facilities. The SCM25A feature drive unit and amplifier technology from ATC’s highest performance studio monitors such as the 75mm/3in soft dome mid-range and Class A/B amplifiers. This ensures that the SCM25A can be integrated with larger ATC monitors when performing as the surround loudspeakers as part of a 5.1 monitoring system or when used as an alternative option alongside larger ATC stereo loudspeakers. Both the 7in bass driver and 3in mid drivers and amplifiers are hand-built by ATC in its UK facility. Precise engineering of the drive unit components ensures that drive unit-borne anomalies that are difficult, or in most cases impossible, to rectify within the electronics are minimised. This makes the integration of the drivers simpler and results in a better balanced, much more linear finished system. The result is that material monitored on the SCM25A loudspeakers is more consistent in a wide range of listening environments and translates with ease to a customer’s own playback system. All ATC products are covered by a six- year warranty.

The ESI uniK 08 monitor features a new 8in Kevlar low-frequency driver and a custom engineered and powerful high-frequency ribbon tweeter with a light membrane. This provides a very clear, strong, and precise sound image especially in the high frequencies. With less moving mass compared to conventional tweeters, a level of impulse response with minimised distortion is achieved.

34 January 2014

The AIR 12 from Dynaudio Professional is a powerful two-way nearfield monitor with an 8in woofer and a 1.1in soft dome tweeter, suiting all sizes of control rooms and OB vans. Its high- precision amp/driver system (+/- 0.2dB accuracy) ensures complete consistency with the entire AIR family in a variety of stereo and 5.1 setups. AIR monitors are also remote controllable via the AIR Remote or the included AIR Soft application, and DSP

room adaption allows for customisation for any room construction. The AIR 12’s inter-monitor level calibration feature ensures consistent levels in all sessions, which is extremely important when mixing and mastering regardless of the platform for delivery.

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