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EVE Audio offers a range of two-way, three-way, and four-way professional studio monitors along with four Thunderstorm (TS) subwoofers to complete the Silvercone (SC) series. EVE Audio founder and chief designer Roland Stenz wanted to offer a family sound across the series that would enable different solutions to be put together from simple 2.1 systems to multichannel surround options. The SC305 and SC307 models fall within the middle of the SC range and incorporate three independent drivers and amplifiers to accurately separate the low-, mid-, and high-frequency bands. EVE Audio loudspeakers employ high-resolution Burr-Brown conversion after the analogue input stage that feed directly into Eve’s proprietary DSP filter section. The one-touch multi-function front panel encoder knob allows for room acoustics to be factored and adjusted for a simple tailored response adjustment of the studio environment. Each frequency band within the DSP filter system is fed directly into PWM Class D amplifiers to provide a clean and efficient signal path for the drivers. The bass and midrange drivers are made up of glass fibre coated honeycombed diaphragms with large voicecoils offering a fast and controlled output thanks to the high efficiency PWM amp and driver combination. The high frequencies are taken care of by EVE’s proprietary Air Motion Transformer Tweeter. The result of incorporating these digital filter and amplification technologies along with precision driver manufacturing is a sound that is both forensic and distinctly pleasing on the ears. The fourth order Linkwitz-Riley brickwall filters ensure high frequency cutoff at 21kHz, which minimises the additional high-frequency energy that can often fatigue the ear over prolonged use. Both the SC305 and SC307s are nominated for the TEC Awards to be hosted at NAMM this month.

Featuring an advanced coaxial design that works integrally with Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ Temporal Equalisation algorithms, PreSonus’ Sceptre-series CoActual studio monitors deliver clarity and coherence that has previously only been available in ultra-high-end systems yet they are an affordable investment. The series includes two models. The Sceptre S8 CoActual Studio Monitor combines an 8in low/mid-frequency driver and a 1in (25mm), horn-loaded, high- frequency transducer into a single coaxial unit with aligned voice coils. The Sceptre S6 CoActual Studio Monitor’s coaxial speaker integrates a 6.5in low/mid-frequency driver and a 1in, horn-loaded, high- frequency transducer. A 90W RMS, Class D power amp, powers each

transducer. Both models have acoustic ports. Sceptre’s controls enable full integration into any studio environment. A four-position Acoustic Space switch controls a second-order shelving filter with four attenuation settings to account for the bass response relative to room dimensions and speaker placement. You get a 12dB/octave highpass filter, a switch that adjusts the tweeter's overall level, and a Sensitivity control. All Sceptre- series monitors have a balanced XLR and 0.25in TRS line-level inputs with A-taper level control and offer RF shielding, current-output limiting, and over-temperature protection. An amplifier ‘soft start’ feature eliminates popping on power-up.

January 2014 35

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